Top Sicence Reasons To Why Are You Running 2020

Best Reasons Why Are You Running For fitness:You are mentally relaxed: Running prepares you to cope with daily stress and challenges without getting panicked. You will stop overthinking and feel more relaxed. This is because running can immediately reduce the activity in frontal cortex. This makes running the simplest and the healthiest way to break free from the daily grind.

Running also helps with anxiety disorder and panic attacks. Scientists have used the carbon-dioxide challenge test to determine the connection between anxiety sensitivity and physical activity. They found that more physically active people were less likely to panic in fearful situations even if they have anxiety sensitivity.. Scientists used the carbon-dioxide challenge test to determine the connection between anxiety sensitivity and physical activity. They found that more physically active people were less likely to panic in fearful situations even if they have anxiety sensitivity.

You are high (without drugs):Running can elevate your mood like recreational drugs because it stimulates the same pleasure and reward receptors. This is the reason many addiction therapies include a lot of exercise.

Running triggers production of endocannabinoids that makes you happier and more focused.

All your bodily systems are fine-tuned:It is not just the mood or mental state. Running will fine tune almost all parts and systems of your body.

It will regulate your blood pressure. A meta analysis of various studies concludes that aerobic exercise can be a non-pharmacological (drug free) treatment for hypertensive people.

Running improves insulin sensitivity. Your blood sugar will come down instantly because the muscles will use the glucose or energy during the running.

You feel more confident:Running will make you think highly of yourself. A meta analysis of 57 studies found that exercise boosts people’s confidence and improve their body image.

It can also work as an effective tool to boost self esteem in kids. A study suggests that running or exercise can increase self-esteem in children or young people.

You are sleeping like a baby:With the newfound reservoirs of positivity and creativity, you will surely achieve a lot more. Now, it’s time for the final reward.

Running will help you sleep more easily and quickly. It will also improve the time and quality of your sleep.

You are feeling electric all day:Fatigue is no more a constant feature of your life. There’s no shortage of energy while carrying day to day tasks. In a study, the group that exercised felt “much better” compared to those who did not exercise.

A 6 week trial of young adults who reported persistent feeling of tiredness found improvements in energy levels and a drop in fatigue.

Running will boost boost your energy levels and that ever-present tiredness will be replaced with a childlike enthusiasm.

You are mentally strong:Mental illnesses and psychological disorders are on the rise but you don’t need to worry. You are far less likely to suffer from any of those conditions because of your running routine.

Research has shown that running in natural environment work as a shield against mental health conditions. Going to gym or working out at home cannot provide these benefits.

You are not distracted easily and your mind doesn’t keep wandering all the time. It is much easier to concentrate on what you are doing. This will improve your productivity and you will do more in less time.

By now, running has greatly improved your sleeping habits. Your mind and body are getting the the much-needed rest. A relaxed mind is a powerful mind and it results in better psychological functioning.

You are keeping your blood sugar in control:

study observed .51% reduction in hemoglobin A1C values in runners. This is a significant improvement. The results were even better for the group that combined aerobic exercise with weight training.

If you already have diabetes, regular running will reduce the risk of diabetes related heart attack to 20% and eye or kidney damage to 40%.

Another review of multiple studies found that diabetes patients can control blood sugar and depression via exercise.

You are more intelligent:Running results in a kind of connectivity that allows your brain to have higher-level thoughts. Thinking out of the box isn’t that hard because you can analyze and solve problems.

There’s another study that shows high impact running can improve learning.

It’s easier to focus on challenging tasks. You are more comfortable taking up and managing projects that requires attention to details.

You will also excel in your job as a manager or leader. Decision making is a vital part in such roles. Daily exercise can significantly improve your ability to make decisions. This was observed in a 9-month study by American Council on Exercise and exercise resulted in 70% improvement in ability to make complex decisions.



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