Best Stair stepper machines review for health 2020

Best Stair stepper machines for a home gym review. In the last 15 year the measure of the number of steps taken a day. As a measure of maintaining health. The number to be achieved every day is 10,000 steps a day to maintain health.

In the last 10 year, the Stair stepper climbing machines have been replaced by the elliptical trainer. This is due to the decline in health of our nation and being able to carry our own body weight. When using elliptical less of your body weight is being moved and loaded. To aid in the healthy development of the cardiovascular system.

The quickest way to develop the cardiac system is to load the body. The Stair stepper is one of the most effective methods to use to develop this. This is mainly due to the maintaining of your body upright to complete the exercise. Just like when you are climbing stairs.

Another great thing about the Stair stepper climbing machine is the space it takes up. The Stair stepper climbing machines are perfect if you have limited space for your home gym. Compared to the elliptical trainer which can take up a fair bit of room.



·         Best Mini Stepper

·         Best stair climber

·         Best stair stepper

·         Best Stair climbing machines Benefits

·         Stair Stepper or Elliptical?

·         Stair Stepper or Treadmill?

·       Conclusion

Below is a review of the best Stair stepper climbing machine for a home gym

Best Mini Stepper

ProForm Mini Stepper

For a small home gym. This Best mini stepper is perfect.

  • Ease storage
  • Mini Stepper with non-slip foot pads and electronic meter
  • Calorie counter, timer, workout counter
  • 2 bungee resistance cords. So resistance exercises can be added during the routine  

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Best Stair stepper climber

Maxi Climber – The original patented Vertical Climber, As Seen On TV

If you are looking for an exercise which a progression from the rowing machine. Then this is the machine for you. If you are a runner this piece has a great carry over the running. Just like the spinning bikes. Which makes this one of the best pieces of kit to use for winter training to aid the development of the cardiovascular system.

For a home gym, this Maxi Climber is perfect. Floor space with minimal usage. The height might be an issue due to the height.

  • Versatile and easy-to-use.
  • The climber works for all fitness levels,
  • It also comes with a link to a Fitness App.
  • You will get a Full-body workout when using this machine 
  •  It combines calorie burning cardio with muscle toning in one simple step.
  • Perfect for low impact workout
  • The load is easy on the knees and ankles.
  • Very easy to set up, lightweight and height adjustable.
  • This machine comes 90% pre-assembled, ready to use in minutes.
  • It compact folding for an easy storage.

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Best stair stepper

StairMaster SM916 StepMill

If you are looking to add a powerhouse machine to your home gym then this would be the one. Unlike the other stepper. This one is a moving stair case. Which mean the movement demand is greater. Which mean there is a greater carry over to developing muscular endurance as well as cardiovascular fitness. If you are looking to develop your lactic threshold then this is a brilliant machine to develop that window.

  • High-quality StepMill with a  revolving set of 8-inch stairs for cardiovascular and muscular endurance workouts
  • The steps range from 24 to 162 steps per minute.
  •  There are a multi-stage fitness test and CPAT test to aid monitoring your progression 
  • The Stair master machine also has 10 total workout programs. Which includes a  fat burner, calorie burner, and intervals programs 
  • On the Stair master, it has an easy to read backlit LCD display
  • For heart rate training it has a Polar-compatible heart rate monitoring
  • For a home gym the Stair master requires 10 feet high ceiling; Measures 50 x 29 x 78 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 409 pounds

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Best Stair climbing machines Benefits

Have looked at some of the Best Stair climbing machines. We now need to ask a very important question. What are the key benefits to using a stair climbing machine to help develop my health and performance. The three key benefits are

1.Developing the Cardiac heart to help lower the risk of CHD (Coronary heart disease).In turn developing cardiovascular fitness which will aid with performance. The ACSM guidelines are five the 7 days a week of 30 min low to moderate activity using the heart. For fitness and developing Vo2 max (the Amount of oxygen you and take in and use effectively).The guideline are two to three times per week of moderate exercise for 20-60 minutes continuously

2.Developing Muscular endurance in the lower part of the body. The key process for developing lean tissue and strength.IS to perform resisted exercise. Once we reach the age of 30 it is key to develop these routine. Due to the muscle wastage over the next 10 years of anything up to 3% of your lean tissue. Using a stair climber can aid in stimulate lactic acid in the lower body. Which is key to stimulating grow hormones.

3.Fat loss and weight loss ,due to the height demand on the body from the stair climber. The stair climber has a high demand for energy. Which can lead to the body taking energy from your muscle and fat. As part of a fat loss program this piece of kit has a high carry over.20 minutes of Cardiovascular training after 45 min of moderate to high resistance training is a good fat loss protocol to follow.

Stair Stepper or Elliptical?

There two machines are very similar in there look but total different. The stepper came first. In gyms today you see rows of elliptical trainer.10 years ago it was the complete opposite.

In the early days of the health and fitness. The main clients that would visit a gym or fitness facility would be the performance outcome person. It was all about training for the sport they were playing in.

As the world has been developing into the social media selfie age. Body Image has become a major part. So the types of people visiting a gym or fitness facility have changed. The level of participants has increased and that is amazing. So, in turn, the gym machine has had to change to cater for the different types of people.

In turn, the ability from a performance window has changed due to the different people come thru the door ranging in ages from 80 down to 10. Due to this, the machine has to be developed to accommodate a larger number of people. This was the birth of the elliptical. The same action as running but less impact on the knees and joints. Less body weight being carried so greater volume of time can be done to meet the national guidelines of health and fitness.

In 2004 Harvard Medical School study, you’ll burn around 50% more calories during a 30-minute session on the elliptical machine than you would on a stair stepper. This was largely due to the fact that good muscular endurance is need on a stepper more than an elliptical.

Stair Stepper or Treadmill?

The treadmill is a great bit of kit. The difference between running outside and on a treadmill is totally different. When running on a treadmill your foot moves under your body. So you are jumping most of the time and the belt is moving underneath you. Compared to when you are outside your body moves over your foot. Ground force reaction.

You can put the incline up on the treadmill to aid the same oxygen uptake as outside. The study by Westminster University in London England found the incline has to be about 3%.To aid this development the curve treadmill was created. This is a self-powered curved treadmill. To aid moving over your foot when running. You can see a curve treadmill on the link below

Compared to the stepper to get the same carry over to health and fitness the skill level of running has to be at a moderate to high level. So the progression is slower and the risk of injury is higher due to the fact that most people are not strong enough to run and handle to ground force reaction of running.

If you had to rank all the cardiovascular machine in an ability level of complexity to use and carrying body weight

  1. elliptical trainer
  2. Recline bike
  3. upright bike
  4. rower
  5. stepper
  6. treadmill

Conclusion to this Stair stepper review

From looking at the benefits of the Stair stepper and want to get the maximum gains for health and fitness the stepper is number one.

Due to space, it takes up for a home gym it is perfect. Also from the carry, it will have during winter training. Aiding in maintaining fitness levels.The stair climber is a tough but rewarding piece of kit to use.

Hope you have enjoyed this review.

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