Best Squat Stands For A Home Gym To Help Performance 2020

What are Squat Stands?

Squat stand

Squat stands are a piece of exercise equipment that is designed to support variations of squat workouts like plié, pulse, plyometric, single leg, barbell, and goblet squats. This gym equipment also supports other exercises that speed up the development of your hamstrings, calves, quads, and calves.

Design-wise, squat stands or weight rack consists of a barbell and two adjustable metal stands. You will want to purchase a squat stand because it consumes less floor space and it is less expensive than a rack.

Best Squat Stands

Best Squat Stands:F2C Adjustable Squat Rack



F2C adjustable squat rack/squat stands is constructed from a solid steel frame with a weight rating of 390 lbs. Besides the reasonable weight rating, the sturdy steel frame can also resist wear for an extended period. Its anti-scratch black powder finish protects it from corrosion.

In regards to design, this adjustable weight rack features rubber end caps that keep the stand stable while protecting your floor from scratches and adjustable spotters that enhance the safety of your work out.




Best Squat Stands:Sportmad Pair Of Dumbbell Rack

Like other pieces of equipment on our best list, Sportmad’s pair of dumbbell rack is engineered from durable steel to defy the damage that could result from consistent abuse and use in the gym. Besides the strength, the solid steel frame also has a maximum weight rating of 400lbs.

Other reasons why you would want to invest in this pair of squat stands include the rubber end caps that protect your floor from scratches and the thoughtfully welded feet that stand upright and stable while using the rack. Furthermore, you would want to buy the weight rack since its height is adjustable, and it comes with all mounting hardware to assemble the unit and a user manual.


Best Squat Stands:Yaheetech adjustable squat rack

 Yaheetech adjustable squat rack/squat stands is constructed from carbon steel, a durable construction that can serve you for an extended time. The carbon steel’s metal black finish protects it against harsh external elements that might reduce the frame’s strength.

This height adjustable squat rack/squat stands comes equipped with anti-skid feet pads that shield your floor from damage, and adjustable safety pins that let you adjust your racks height according to your workouts. It has a weight rating of 390lbs.


Best Squat Stands:Ollieroo Barbell squat rack

Similar to its competitors, Ollieroo barbell weight rack is made of steel to withstand the wear resulting from heavy and regular use. The steel construction has a maximum weight rating of 390lbs.

Some of the notable features that make the weight rack unique from others include the adjustable safety spotters that minimize your risk of injury while training, the rubberized feet that protect your floor from scratches, and a detailed assembly manual.



Best Squat Stands:Valor-Fitness BD- 9 Squat Stand

Unique from other weight rack on our list, Valor Fitness’ BD- 9 squat stands has a weight rating of 500lbs. This makes it an excellent deal for people who are looking to get fit and who have been looking for a rack that can accommodate more weight.

In regards to design, Valor’s squat stand features an expandable base that remains stable while using the piece of exercise equipment, and adjustable bar supports that give you the freedom to adjust the bars according to the nature of your work out.

Furthermore, this unit has an excellent height of six feet five inches. In fact, you can use it to do pull-ups with your legs tucked.


Ollieroo Multi-function Barbell Rack Dip Stand Gym Family Fitness Adjustable Squat Rack

·         Durable steel stand, Maximum  Load: 480Lbs.

·         Height range 40.6″ to 64.2″, Base range 30.3″ to 48″

Accommodates Bench Press.

·         Multi-functional fitness

·         Non-slip and abrasion-resistant rubber feet firmly position the Squat Rack.


Gold’s Gym GGBE20615 XRS 20 Squat Rack

·        Adjustable uprights,

Adjustable safety spotters

·         Weight plate storage on the squat rack

·         Power catch uprights


Body Champ Two Piece Set Olympic Weight Bench with Squat Rack BCB3835/PRO3900


·         Includes 1 Olympic Weight Bench, and, 1 Squat Rack

·         Stand-alone Squat Rack features Double-deck Safety™ with 2 sets of integrated catches (Upper set: for standing/upright positions; Lower set: for flat, incline, decline positions); 60×60 mm Robust Square Tubing

·         Easy-lift Lever and 2 Built-in Transport Wheels make storage and mobility an ergonomic experience

·         No-pinch Catch Design provides extra safety and prevents injury to hands and grip during racking and un-racking; 2 Locking Safety Hooks for added security during rest or when not in use


Things to Consider When Looking For an Excellent Squat Rack or squat stand

• Construction

An excellent weight rack or cage should be constructed from sturdy metal to withstand the damage that could result from regular use, abuse, corrosion, and rust. Steel is one of the construction materials with such qualities.

• Price

The array of weight racks and cages sold in the market range from the most affordable to the most expensive. For that reason, you should take your time to shop around for the piece of exercise equipment that falls within your budget.

• Fitness goals

As noted in our introduction, squat stands and cages are designed to help you work out different muscles. For instance, if you are looking to develop your muscle as well as enhance your flexibility, we encourage that you invest in a power cage. On the other hand, if you are looking to develop muscles on your legs, we propose a high-performance squat rack.


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