Best Running Pants For Comfortable Running 2020

A good run is made of more than shoes and socks. And the right running pants often make the difference between a great run and an uncomfortable one. In this section, we’ve gathered a few types of pants in varying lengths. We’ve included comfortable shorts as well as longer running pants, so you’ll see choices for every type of weather.

Best Running Pants For Women

THE GYM PEOPLE Thick High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

While these pants for the popular “yoga pants” aesthetic, they’re designed to be comfortable and breathable through any type of workout, whether it’s on the running machine or weightlifting. The four-way stretch fabric means they offer compression as well as a second-skin fit. And unlike many types of running pants, these have pockets, which let you carry a phone, nutrition bar, or other necessities. The high waist design is also compatible with many types of shirts.

Running pants Pros:

  • Comfortable fit
  • Compression and breathability on the level of many more expensive pants
  • Includes pockets, whch aren’t always seen on compression pants

Running pants Cons:

  • Not all runners prefer a high-waisted design
  • Sizing chart is somewhat different from other brands, making finding your size somewhat difficult

Under Armour Women’s Fly By Run Shorts

Not everyone prefers the feel of compression pants when training, and these shorts offer breathable, colorful alternative. The sweat wicking fabric and elastic waistband mean you can stay comfortable, even on very long runs or grueling speed drills.

Running pants Pros:

  • From a very reputable manufacturer
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Storage pockets
  • Sweat-wicking material

Running pants Cons:

  • Not the best choice for runs in cold weather
  • Some runners may prefer compression

RAYPOSE Womens Yoga/Run Capris Leggings

If you can’t decide whether you’d prefer shorts or longer pants, capri-length leggings may be just what you need. This line of leggings is made of a stylish knit material available in several colors and patterns. It features pockets designed to fit a smartphone, which is a feature seldom seen on capri leggings. Best of all, these leggings are very affordable despite having high-end features.

Running pants Pros:

  • Breathable mesh for comfort even in humid conditions
  • Has pockets
  • Very affordable

Running pants Cons:

  • Some runners may dislike high waisted design
  • While there are many colors, there isn’t much pattern diversity

Best running Pants For Men

BALEAF Men’s Tapered Athletic Joggers

Mens running pants.If you prefer the comfort of sweatpants but can’t have a baggy lower leg getting in your way, joggers like these are a great choice. The French terry material means they’re breathable while wicking sweat. While they’re very affordable, these joggers can keep you comfortable doing speed training or long runs alike. If uncomfortable pants have made you ask “why are we running again?”, these pants may be worth looking at.

Mens running pants Pros:

  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable French terry is more breathable than cheaper options
  • Relaxed fit

Mens running pant Cons:

  • Runners who prefer compression may not like the relaxed fit
  • Drawstring waist may slip

Nike Men’s Dri-Fit Base layer Warm Tights

If you prefer compression gear while training, these pants may be just what you’re looking for. These compression pants are designed to wick away sweat while keeping you warm. You can wear them alone or under a pair of shorts for comfort in any weather.

Mens running pant Pros:

  • From a very reputable manufacturer
  • Compression support
  • Brushed interior adds extra warmth

Mens running pant Cons:

  • May not be suitable for men who prefer more relaxed fit workout clothing
  • Somewhat expensive compared to many options

PUMA Men’s Training Pant

If you’re in search of a relaxed-fit training pant that comes in a range of colors, this offering from Puma might be right for you. Glossy-finish polyester makes for an eye-catching wardrobe choice, and you can choose any color from basic black to bright blue.

Mens running pant Pros:

  • Comes from a reputable manufacturer
  • Comfortable and relaxed fit
  • Many colors to choose from

Mens running pant Cons:

  • Polyester is less breathable than many other choices
  • Somewhat expensive compared to others in this list

In conclusion to this review on running pants, finding the right gear for your run may take some time and research, but having the right gear makes the difference between being immersed in your run and thinking “why are we running?” Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you can narrow down your choices before deciding. And with new gear that’s comfortable and supportive, your next run is sure to be your best yet, whether it’s on a running machine or outdoors.

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