Best Roman chair Machines For A Home Gym 2020

The roman chair one of the oldest piece of equipment which has stood the test of time. There have been a lot of different machines that have been developed to replace this machine. But when you ask a number of top personal trainers, Athletes from different sports. They have always reverted back to using the roman chair due to how much more effective it is compared to other pieces of equipment.

Benefits of using a Roman chair

  • Helps develop good posture
  • Inverts and helps with decompression of the spine
  • Helps with lowering back pain
  • Helps with integrating the core muscles

Different types of Roman Chairs

Before we identify what the roman chair can be used for. We have to address what the different types of roman are. Primarily there are three types of roman chairs.

Prone roman chair

This Roman chair is also known as a hyperextension chair. Which works on developing the postural chain of the back. When we look at health good posture is in the top 3 when it comes to the health of the physical body. The postural chair is also known as the anti-gravity muscle group. The endurance of the strength of this area is so important to long-term back health.

The number of people suffering from lower back pain is increasing every year due to the lack of movement we are performing. The muscle that the prone roman chair work on are, the Lats, Glutes, erector spinal muscles.

All of these muscles overlap the lower back and connect the arms and legs together. Locking in the postal part of the core.


Before using this piece of kit. Please make sure you ask a trainer to give you individual coaching points to make sure, this piece of kit is set up for you. A progression from this exercise for the postural chair is the glute ham raise machine. Below you will see a picture of one.

This piece of equipment has a different pivot point compared to the above piece of kit. The pivot point for the machine above is at the hip and femur joint. Which make the target point and focus the posture chair. The pivot point of this exercise moves to the knee joint. Now the focus has increased to a larger area of the body.

The central area of the exercise moves down to the center of the body at the glutes. Increasing the focus on the glutes and the hamstrings. If you ask any physio which areas are the most common for injuries. It is the shoulder joint and hamstrings. This exercise helps to isolate this area and develop the strength in the hamstrings.

Before integrating them into a gross movement. A big progression to developing this area are doing Kettlebell exercises. We have two pages on this site. One page on the different types of kettlebells and the history of kettlebells. The other page has a breakdown of different exercises you can do with kettlebells  

Supine Roman chair

roman chair

If we had to choose one exercise.Which is in person’s top 5 to do. The sit up would be right up there. The Supine roman chair targets more than just the rectus abdominous. It also targets the hip flexor muscle group. Which attache to the lower back.Around L4.So for some people, they will feel a pull in this area. So it is advised to let a trainer check how tight your hip flexors are. To help with the use of the piece of kit. Which is great for developing the abs.



Vertical roman chair


roman chair The vertical roman chair is also known as a power station and a free standing pull up station. We have a separate page on this site with a breakdown of the different pull-up bars and power stations. The great thing about this station. You can develop the anterior and posture core muscles against gravity in an upright position.







Stamina Hyper Bench, Red

  • Use with or without dumbbells for ripped abs and a strong back
  • Thickly padded bench with durable stitched vinyl upholstery
  • Non-slip footrest
  • Adjustable footrest and backrest, to accommodate height
  • Folds for easy storage


Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench


  • Pivoting foam rollers hold your lower leg in place for hyperextension exercises and your feet in place for crunches. Non-slip footrest.
  • Non-slip rubber frame caps also protect floors. Adjustable footrest, backrest, and thigh support to accommodate height and workout intensity.

Body-Solid GHYP345 2″x3″ 45 Degree Back Hyper Extension

  • Extra-thick 3 inch dura firm support pads
  • Relieves lower back pain
  • Increases flexibility
  • Strengthens back and abdominal muscles


Supine bench


  •  Foldable Design: Slant board is household fitness equipment, foldable design help to save space, the folding size is 50.4×22.1×8.3inch.
  •  Multi-functional: Adjustable utility bench works out and builds up the muscles in your chest, shoulders, back, abs, arms and more.
  •  Level Adjustable: Height of sit up bench can be adjusted. Different heights, different strength used. You can get the exact workout you need.


Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench

  • Heavy-duty 2″ steel frame construction. Easy-to-reach extended hand grips.
  • Pivoting foam rollers hold your lower leg in place for hyperextension exercises and your feet in place for crunches. Non-slip footrest.
  • Non-slip rubber frame caps also protect floors. Adjustable footrest, backrest, and thigh support to accommodate height and workout intensity.


GUJJI FUN Roman Chair,Hyperextension Bench Adjustable 45 Degree AB Back Abdominal Exercise Machine White & Black

  • Sturdy and Durable—Heavy-duty steel construction with coated finish and max weight capacity of 440 lbs. This back hyperextension bench is sturdy, soft yet firm cushions give optimal support, durable and allow smooth positioning while exercising and moving.
  • Height Adjustable—With the adjustable height range from 28.7” – 23.5” (4 levels adjustable), choose the right height for your own needs.
  • Versatile Equipment—Focus on back, hamstrings, glutes, and abs with the same bench.. It helps strengthen the lower back while targeting the glutes and hamstring muscles for the superb workout.


Glute Hamstring Developer

Commercial GHD (Glute Ham Developer) Strengthen Core, Back & Hip Flexors

  • One key component we included is the 20 ” horizontal knee pad that sits below the hip pads, and provides the base you need when performing Glute Ham Raises, the original exercise the machine was intended for.
  • We also included a simple single bolt action adjustment feature, to quickly and easily allow any athlete to modify the distance between the hip (8 options) and foot pads (5 options) to fit their size.
  • Heavy enough and built with a support system that provides a sturdy platform to work above, whether you are repping out sit-ups for speed, or performing raises with added weight, our Commercial GHD will stay planted firmly on the ground and keep you charging through your WOD.


WF Athletic Supply Glute

  • A big hit in the functional cross training community, this GHD is our most economical solution for exercising the core and posterior chain.
  • The bolt-together design makes shipping more affordable as well, but flanges on the bolted joints keep things strong and sturdy. Forged pop pins provide secure adjustments. Comes with a split pad.


Final Thoughts

As you can see there are a few different types of roman chairs. For a home gym. It will provide a number of opportunities to perform a number of exercises that will carry over to health and performance. For more ideas of exercises to do. Please click on the link to our page for roman chair exercises. Hope this information has been helpful.

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