Best Power Cage For a Home Gym To Help Performance 2020

What is Power Cage?

power rack

What is a Power cage?

A power cage is also known as a power rack. It is a cage-like structure with four metal posts joined together by a horizontal framing. The stand comes equipped with a pull- up bar, safety pins that hold your weights together, and built in pull up and dip bars. The rack supports free weight lifting without the need of a spotter.

Unlike the squat rack, the power cage/power rack supports both squats and other exercises like barbell curls, deadlifts, chin-ups, inverted rows, bench presses, and many more exercises that enhance the strength and flexibility of your core muscles. However, the rack is more expensive and bulkier than a squat rack.

Both types of exercise equipment play a critical role in helping you achieve your health and exercise goals. We have reviewed the best pieces of equipment from each category below to help you pick one that makes the most sense for your workout needs.

Best Squat Rack and power cage/power rack Comparison Table

Squat StandPros and Cons Power Cagepros
F2C adjustable squat rack
• Constructed from steel to last
• 390lbs weight rating
• Adjustable
Fitness-Reality 810XLT max cage• Durable steel construction
• Adjustable safety bars
• Supports a maximum weight of 800lbs
Sportmad adjustable squat stand
• Durable construction
• Weight rating of 400lbs
• Height adjustable
Rep PR- 1000 rack• Durable construction
• Frame has 700lb weight rating
• Mate black powder coating
• Plastic lined J cups
Yaheetech adjustable rack
• Durable construction
• 390lb weight rating
• Stable
Valor-Fitness BD- 7 rack
• Maximum weight rating of 800lbs
• Constructed from steel to last long
Ollieroo adjustable squat rack
• Sturdy construction
• Weight rating of 390lbs
• Stable
XMark-Fitness multi-functional cage• Heavy-duty construction
• Has all you need for whole body workout
• Lifetime warranty
Valor-Fitness BD-9 squat stand

• Weight rating of 500lbs
• Durable construction
• Flexible base
Body Champ PBC530 rack

• 300lb weight rating
• Durable
• Good for versatile training

 Best Power Cages/power rack

 Best Power Cages/power rack:Fitness-Reality 810XLT Max Cage

Reality’s max power cage/power rack is engineered from a heavy-duty steel frame to defy the wear and tear resulting from heavy use or abuse. Moreover, the sturdy steel construction has a powder coating that shields it from external elements that can corrode it.

Max cage comes equipped with two chrome safety bars and lock on safety pins that can hold a maximum weight of 800lbs. You can adjust the safety pins into nineteen positions.

Other features that make up this cage include the multi-position overhead pull up bar that supports a variety of workouts that tone muscles on your arm, shoulder, and back and its wide base that enhances the unit’s stability while you are engaged in a workout.

 Best Power Cages/power rack:Rep Flat Foot Power Rack


Rep’s rack is constructed from an 11 gauge steel frame tubing to serve you for an extended period, if not for a lifetime. The sturdy frame‘s black finish protects it from corrosion, rusting, and any other deterioration resulting from exposure to harsh external elements. The frame has a weight rating of 700lbs.

Rep Fitness’ rack comes with a pull- up bar and a dip attachment with a weight rating of 400lbs. Furthermore, the rack comes equipped with extra bar holders, plastic lined J- cups, dual pull- up bars, and padded dip handles. These accessories help you perform an array of workouts to improve your core muscles as well as your sporting performance.

For stability purposes, this cage features a sturdy base equipped with weight horns for enhanced stability and utility. A five-year warranty backs Rep rack’s frame.


 Best Power Cages/power rack :Valor BD- 7 rack

Valor’s rack is another great cage that you would want to buy. It is constructed from a 12- gauge steel frame that is sturdy enough to resist the damage that could result from the regular use and abuse in a gym.

The durable frame is coated with an anti-scratch powder. It is finished to withstand the damage resulting from prolonged exposure to harsh external elements like humidity as well as the scratches that occur when loading and offloading weights.

Other notable features that make this unit unique from competitors include the steel chrome weight bar supports 27 variable positions, and foam covered utility bar for curls.

Moreover, Valor BD- 7 cage comes with a pull-up bar to help you work out muscles on your shoulder, arms and back, and a low pulley station to work out your front delts, trapezius muscles, rhomboids, and side deltoids.



 Best Power Cages/power rack:XMark-Fitness Multi-Functional Cage


Like the other cages that we have reviewed above. XMark’s multi-functional cage is constructed from heavy-duty steel to resist the damage that could result from consistent use. In addition to being resistant to wear and tear. The solid steel frame is also coated with a scratch resistant powder coat to protect it from the deterioration that could occur from corrosion and or rusting.

XMark Fitness’ multi-functional cage comes equipped with a split grip pull up bar, lat pulldown, tricep dip handles two Olympic sleeve adaptors and adjustable pull-pin safety. These accessories support multiple workouts that can tone your muscles, alongside helping you improve your overall health.

You will want to buy XMark Fitness’ multi-functional cage because its handles are covered with non-slip material for enhanced comfort and safety, and it has a lifetime warranty.



 Best Power Cages/power rack:Body Champ PBC530 rack

If you are on an economical budget. Body Champ’s PBC530 rack would be an option for you. It is constructed from a solid metal frame that can accommodate a maximum weight of 300 lbs. In addition to withstanding significant weight, its metallic structure is also coated with a black finish to shield it against corrosion and rusting.

Despite its customer-friendly price. The  Body Champ PBC530 rack comes with a plethora of features to let you work out your whole body. Some of these features include the rubberized feet for enhanced stability, Olympic weight holders, and a pair of bar holders. The make cage comes with a one-year limited warranty, and it can accommodate users with a height of 6 – 7 feet.


 Best Power Cages/power rack:Titan Power Rack Squat Deadlift HD Lift Cage Bench Racks stand cross fit pull up


This is a great multi purpose piece of kit. Putting you in a position to be able to do a number of exercise in a small space. This product has the height of pull up bar: 80″ – Weight: 107 lbs – Height: 83″
Opening: 44″ – Depth: 48″
Inside front to back bar: 26″ – Floor space: 48″ x 48″ – Material: Steel

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