Best Olympic Weight Set For A Home Fitness Gym 2020

Best Olympic Weight Set review. People can incorporate the Best Olympic Weight set system into personal training through simple weight set to develop their strength training programs. Though gyms are the most common places to find the Best Olympic Weight Set systems, serious lifters can also use these weight sets at home.

Strength Training with this type of Olympic barbell weight set not only ensures a safe and rigorous regimen but prepares a home lifter for training in any other environment. If they make the switch to a gym, they will be familiar with the type of equipment and weight scales used. Having Universal weight sets at home also allows a person to upgrade their weight set with added pieces and weight plates easily to add to their weight training program.

Using the Best Olympic Weight set at home for weight training is a great decision. The bar diameter weight plate and weight set conversions are standardized, a home workout regimen will mimic a hardcore gym workout. Using this type of olympic weight set and Olympic barbells, it is easy to switch between home and commercial gym environments. The following are a few examples of adequate home Universal weight sets.

Best Olympic Weight Set Guide – Contents


Here are Our Quick Links To The Best Olympic Weight Set Available On The Market Today.

I have quickly collated what I feel are the Best Olympic weight set that are on the market today. I have gone into a bit more detail on each of these weight set further on in the guide, but if you know what you are after then please click through to Amazon via the links below. This weight set is an ideal way to develop upper body and lower body strength


1.Best Mark Olympic EZ Curl Bar

2.Brst XMark’s TEXAS STAR Olympic Plate Weight Sets 

3.Best The LOGGER Package Includes the XMark LUMBERJACK Olympic Chrome Bar

4.Best XMark Premium Quality Rubber Coated Tri-grip Olympic Plate Weights – 155 lb Set

5.Best Cap Olympic Barbell 300 Pound Olympic Set, Grey

6.Best Troy Olympic Barbell VTX Rubber Coated 300 Pound Olympic Weight Set with Bar & Collars

7.Best The LOGGER Package Includes the XMark LUMBERJACK Olympic Chrome Bar

8.Best Troy Barbell Black Olympic Weight Set, 300lbs

9.Best Solid Rubber Bumper Plates Set w/ Rack- Color 5 Pairs, Total 260lb

10.Best XMark LUMBERJACK Olympic Chrome Bar



Let’s jump into my mini-review guides of the Best Olympic Weight Set


Best Mark Olympic EZ Curl Bar



This curling bar and Best Olympic weight set combo can be considered a “Cadillac” version of a home Universal set. Not only is the bar made from reinforced steel, but it features bushings that keep the plates from spinning.

Sometimes, people can be distracted when lifting against gravity because the plates will freely rotate on the ends. Inside and outside bushings, steel collars, and locking plates prevent this from happening.

The bar is in an EZ configuration. This allows narrow and wide gripping with five distinct underhand and overhand angles in the wrists. The weight plates are what lifters call “clean.” This means they are covered with a rubberized coating that prevents oxidation and all other corrosion. They are also appropriate for any type of floor and rack.

While this curling bar set only features 65 pounds of weight, it can be adapted with supplemental Universal plates. Remember, with the weight of the bar, this is a 90-pound setup. As a home lifter gets stronger, they can increase their plate collection.



Best XMark’s TEXAS STAR Olympic Plate Weight Sets 



Many people who lift at home will already have a Universal barbell and curling bar weight set. Sometimes, it’s necessary to replace old and worn plates or add to a collection to your weight set. Increasing plate numbers is also a great investment for a gym. These Best Olympic weight set collections match any TEXAS STAR weight set, but can also be used alongside other Universal plates.

Various configurations of total weight can be purchased. These plates feature rubberized coatings and locking components. Perhaps the best feature of these, however, are the grips on heavier plates. Some Universal plates and Olympic weight plate only have a narrow lip to use when loading and unloading a bar.

The TEXAS STAR plates have built-in handles that prevent slips and drops. Unfortunately, some lifters have broken their feet because a heavy plate slips from their hands in a sweaty environment. These Olympic weight plates ensure a firm and safe grip when moving. These Olympic weight plate sets are also great for upgrading a home setup with the inclusion of 45-pound plates.



The LOGGER Package Includes the XMark LUMBERJACK Olympic Chrome Bar

The Best Olimpic Weight Set have come along way since their early days. This is a setup that has all of the right qualities for safe and effective lifting.

Lumberjack barbell has a chrome composition that increases integrity, and brass bushings for a smooth end spin. It also has a semi-aggressive knurling on key points along the bar. Which means that it has crosshatched grips that prevent hands from slipping when pulling and pressing heavy loads. Knurling also works well by increasing grip strength when using lifting gloves and wrist wraps.

Cast iron plates are coated with a rubberized material. This preserves gym floors and minimizes slamming sounds during exercises like power cleaning and deadlifting. They also have contoured and ergonomic openings for hand grips. One special feature of this weight set plates is inner steel hubs. This means that the plates will fit much more snug on a Universal bar than other plates. This is perfect for competitive powerlifting environments.


Best XMark Premium Quality Rubber Coated Tri-grip Olympic Plate Weights – 155 lb Set

This is a collection of supplemental plates for lifters and gym owners who prefer the XMark Universal weight set. Every plate in this collection has a rubber coating, inner steel hubs, and sure grips for safety. These plates can be stacked flat, or they can be stored on Universal racks. The rubber coating prevents corrosion and provides a surface that can be cleaned, shined, and dusted very easily.

With the XMark Universal series, you can choose plate collections ranging from 45 pounds to 355 pounds. Each of these Best Olympic weight set will help boost gym supplies of small plates, large plates, or even numbers of both.



Best Cap Barbell 300 Pound Olympic Set, Grey

This bar and plate set reflects the Universal style that “old school” bodybuilders are familiar with. The black oxide bar is knurled in key spots for popular lifts. These spots are designed to accommodate narrow and wide lift variations.

Three choices of plates are available with this olympic weight set. The first is the iconic solid plate type. It sounds strange to people who are new to gym environments, but these are the perfect “slamming” plates. The second choice is a sleeker rubberized style. The third is a hybrid style that allows vigorous use, but with the added convenience of open plate grips. Rounded grips are similar to kettlebell handles. All three of these plate types are great additions to commercial and home gyms. The weight divisions are standardized and allow lifters to use plates that fit their preferences.



Troy Barbell VTX Rubber Coated 300 Pound Olympic Weight Set with Bar & Collars

Here is another great example of the Best Olimpic Weight Set Universal barbell and plate combination. The bar includes knurling and wire collars. There are full grips for the 45, 35, and 25 plates, and lips on the smaller ones. The plates have thick hard rubber coatings and are equal in width. This is an ideal setup for someone graduating from less durable equipment to Universal varieties, or needing to preserve flooring.



XMark LUMBERJACK Olympic Chrome Bar




Here is another Lumberjack package from XMark. It features a lighter metallic color for the rubberized plates, but they still have the incredible steel inner hubs. This set has a medium range of weight but includes the company’s famous brass bar bushings and tri-grip plates.

Though Best Olimpic Weight Set and weight plates are designed to be uniform, each model has a different feel. Decide on what types of features are most important for your style of lifting.

Are the most important things about safety and ergonomics, or are they centered on aesthetics? What types of flooring and racks are you using?

Will your olympic weight set be used at home, or in a professional powerlifting competition? It’s a great idea to visit several gyms in order to test a olympic weight set varieties before deciding on the perfect one.



The Best fitness gear 300 lb Olympic Weight Set


Troy Barbell Black Olympic 300 lbs Weight Set

By far, this is the most common type of fitness gear 300 lb. olimpic weight set seen across the globe. It’s the ideal equipment for lifters who truly believe that simplicity is key.

The fitness gear 300 lb. olimpic weight set features wide and narrow knurling, thick plate bushings, and A-wrench end assembly. The plates are solid, flat-backed, and the 45, 35, and 25-pound plates have extra-wide lips. This is the type of setup in a gym where you know the bars and plates will take a true beating. The set also includes a pair of spring-loaded steel wire end collars. Choose silver and black for plate coatings, and chrome or black oxide for bar colors to match existing gym equipment. Bar variation includes spring collar.


Best bumper plates for 300 lbs Olimpic Weight Set

Below I have listed what I feel are the best bumper plates sets. Which can be added to your fitness gear 300 lb. olimpic weight set. Have a look, and see if there’s anything that might interest you.

Solid Rubber Bumper Plates Set w/ Rack- Color 5 Pairs, Total 260lb



  • Solid rubber bumper plates w/ white letters
  • 10lb green, 15lb black, 25lb yellow, 35lb blue, 45lb red
  • 1 pair of each weight (total 260 lbs)
  • Bumper plate rack offers easy storage






  • A common problem with 10 lb. bumpers plates the warping of the plate or the steel flange rings popping out of the plate when dropped repeatedly. We’ve addressed this issue with our NEW smaller 10 lb. bumper plates. The diameter of this 10 lb. bumper has been decreased to 14″ while the depth has been increased to 1 3/8″.
  • Three pairs of 10 lb. XMark HI-IMPACT Low Bounce 90 percent virgin rubber black Olympic bumper plates with heavy-duty curved stainless steel flange rings ensure a snug fit on your Olympic bar.
  • Manufactured from 90 percent virgin rubber, the XM-3393 bumper plates feature a slim profile and a dead bounce.
  • The XM-3393 bumper plates have a new tire rubber smell that will dissipate over time.
  • It also includes a pair of spring collars to help keep the plates securely in place.
  • This is perfect to support a 300 lb olympic weight set



Tips On Using the Best Olympic Weight Set

Here are some exercises using the Best Olympic Weight Set.


Unless a person has spent time in a gym, they will likely not know the difference between classes of the Olympic Weight Set. There are many different types of weight sets available for use at home and in the gym, but certain standard Best Olympic Weight Sets systems are widely recognized.

Many people have their first experiences with weights for bodybuilding through simple weight setups. There have been innumerable types of weights marketed to people wanting to start a lifting program at home. Everyone with home lifting experience will recognize weights and home gym setups like the Orbitron series. This popular product featured concrete disks covered in plastic that mimicked the weights used by famous bodybuilders and champion weightlifters.

The Universal class of weightlifting equipment, however, is easily the most popular professional weight series used in most gyms. The difference is the inclusion of a barbell that can withstand up to 1500 lb of pressure. These bars also have 2-inch ends that accommodate weight plates that are recognizable by most gym-goers. The Best Olympic Weight Set system of weights is often labeled as “Standard,” but it has two distinct qualities. These are greater bar tension, and having ends for large plate types.

When athletes see that a bar is Universal, they know that it can handle larger loads. The bar is rated for extreme poundages, and can be used with weight plates that are found in most gyms. These weights are also standardized. Any bar that is not considered Universal is probably constructed from tubular metal. It has a far lighter weight capacity and is less likely to have features that can be used in an extreme lifting environment. If a solid bar and weights do not have the Universal, Olympic, or Standard labels, they are not usually the first choice for gyms that attract serious lifters. Kettlebells are also used to aid in strength gains.

Universal bars, though featuring standardized ends, can come in different lengths and shapes. The most used bar is 7 feet in length. This is the bar used for lifts like the bench press, squat, and deadlift. These bars weigh 45 pounds and can have special features like curves, yolks, and special handles. Shorter bars with standardized ends are used for arm exercises. They can be straight, or have what is known as an EZ curve. This curve protects the wrist by shifting joint torsion. There is innumerable bar variation that has the Universal end measurements.

Non-Universal weight sets are great for home use, but they do not coincide with professional lifting equipment. Most modern gyms stock Olympic plates and Olympic weight bar, Universal, and Standard bars and weights. This equipment works well with heavy plates and is absolutely recognizable across the bodybuilding and powerlifting communities. Universal bars and plates are the standard weight lifting pieces used by gyms, competition organizations, and others as the standard grade of hardware appropriate for serious weightlifting and bodybuilding environments.

Standard Measures of the Best Olympic Weight Set

Long Barbell set: 45 pounds.
Short Barbell set and Curling Bar: 25 pounds

Bar-end measures for all long and short bars: 2” in diameter.

Weight Plate increments: 100, 45, 35, 25, 10, 5, and 2.5 pounds.

100-pound plates are not really found in most gym environments because they are very difficult to handle and pick up. They are very common in competition arenas where bar-loading efficiency is necessary. Experienced lifters will memorize Universal weight configurations. They can determine loads simply by the number of weights and type of bars used. This is extremely advantageous when designing training programs. The Universal weight and bar system is accepted even in international settings where pound and kilogram weight conversions are used.

If you are looking for a complete upgrade to your gym you can continue reading my high-quality Olympic weight bench Guide which covers the top-rated benches to use with your Olympic weight set look here for other weight bench options.

Also to compliment your Olympic weight style set we have two pages on the high quality best dumbbell set to add to your Olympic weight style set and the best dumbbell exercises.


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