Best Boxing Hand Wraps to Help Protect Hand When Punching 2020

Whenever you are using boxing gloves. There are a number of reasons to use hand wraps. The number one reason is for extra protection for your hands and wrist. Another reason is to help the lifespan of your gloves. They help to keep a hygiene barrier protect your hands. We also have a review to assist this review best boxing glovesbest boxing bags, Best boxing shoes, Best boxing pads ,best jump rope, best boxing bell timer .


Best Hand wraps 

How to wrap your hands for boxing

Best Boxing Hand Wraps:


Best hand wraps Meister Adult 180″ Semi-Elastic Hand Wrap

When it comes to hand wraps, people often have somewhat unrealistic expectations for them. That said, the Meisters actually perform fairly well, though they do come with a few annoying flaws. One of the oddest faults of these wraps is the fact that they will often dye your hands after extended use.

One thing of note, if you prefer exceptionally stretchy hand wraps, these are not for you. Instead, Meister aims to balance the stretchiness and durability. Though they are actually one of the more durable hand wraps we saw, and their oversized hook offers a fairly tight fit.




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Best hand wraps Ringside Mexican Style Hand Wraps


When it comes to hand wraps, people will quite often prefer the Mexican style. This style is noted for being a bit more elastic than the standard style which uses cotton. These Ringside hand wraps are more elastic than some of the others on our list, but you will not receive the same kind of elasticity that you may be expecting.

Moreover, these hand wraps are not exceptionally durable, nor is their velcro the best. In fact, these hand wraps are designed for protection more than anything else. They offer a robust amount of padding and provide some of the best wrist support we saw.



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Best hand wraps PRO IMPACT Handwraps


If you are looking for a Mexican style of hand wraps that provide the expected elasticity, then these are the hand wraps for you. On top of being stretchier than most, these hand wraps also provide plenty of protection. Their padding is reasonably good, but their wrist support is the best that we saw.

That said, the elastic in these hand wraps have a tendency to tangle fairly easily–especially if simply balled up and thrown in your training bag. One odd issue with these wraps is that they actually run a bit shorter than most–generally about 36” shorter. Also, they are somewhat bulky when compared to other wraps.



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Best hand wraps TITLE Mexican Style Hand Wraps

Title is one of the heavy-hitters in the boxer’s equipment market, generally hovering around the upper-mid tiers. In terms of these hand wraps, that designation perfectly applies as they do most things reasonably well but few better than any other brand. For instance, the padding and wrist support for these hand wraps is best described as adequate.

That said, these are great if you just want to purchase and forget, since they are by far the most durable hand wraps we found. Of course, that is a bit misgiving since the elastic of these Mexican style hand wraps is known to loosen somewhat quickly. Still, they are fairly comfortable, and the “this side down” tags makes putting them on a breeze.



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Best Venum Hand Wraps

Venum is a brand that can be hit or miss. Sometimes, their hand wraps are every bit as good as a top-tier brand, while other times you are better served simply spending more. With these hand wraps, you are essentially paying for the feel with the expectation that you will likely have to replace them fairly quickly. The stitching will come undone and the elastic will loosen after moderate use.

That said, they offer a good level of padding to protect your knuckles and nice stiffness to support your wrist. While these hand wraps do run a bit on the thin side, they still offer a nice fit and will remain wrapped tightly while you use them.



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hand wraps Pros Cons
Meister Adult 180" Semi-Elastic Hand Wrap
Oversized hook offers good security
Balances stretch and durability
Tags are convenient
Velcro is a bit iffy
Will dye your hands
Stretch is only okay
Ringside Mexican Style Hand Wraps
Provides plenty of padding
Offers great wrist support
Provides good breathability
Not very elastic
Not the most durable
Velcro is not the best
PRO IMPACT Handwraps
Provides solid protection
Gives excellent wrist support
Absorbent and breathable
Can be a bit bulky
Can run a bit short
Will tangle easily
TITLE Mexican Style Hand Wraps
More comfortable than most
More durable than most
Tags are convenient
Elastic loosens easily
Thinner than most
Wrist support and padding only okay
Venum Hand Wraps

Provides good support
Provides good padding
Offers a good fit
Not the most durable
Elasticity will loosen
Thinner than most

How to wrap your hands with hand wraps for boxing

Due to the impact on the hands and arm, it is important to choose the right-hand wraps

Full-length hand wraps

Boxercise hand wraps


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