Best Boxing Shoes For Boxing Training In A Home Gym 2020

Best Boxing Shoes review. Footwear is key for any type of fitness or sporting activity you take part in. In this review, we are going to look at the best boxing shoes to train in when using boxing equipment. We also have reviews on the best boxing glovesbest boxing bags, Best hand wraps, Best boxing pads, Best jump rope, Best boxing bell timer 


Boxing Shoes 

Pros and Cons To each pair of boxing shoes 

Best Boxing Shoes:

Best adidas Box Hog 2 Men’s Boots

Adidas has a long history manufacturing some of the best shoes for a variety of sports, but they really seem to excel when that sport favors maneuverability over stability. That choice often depends on what kind of boxer you are. As such, these shoes are generally better suited for lighter boxers who rely on movement and maneuverability over power.

The gum rubber sole on these shoes is the best we saw, offering excellent traction when needed but just as comfortable sliding when you need to more. They are also exceptionally breathable, but they do not provide significant ankle support.


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Best Reebok Men’s Boot-Buck Sneaker

While Reebok may often lag behind many of its other sports footwear competitors, they struck gold with their boxer’s boot. Worn by Floyd Mayweather, the Reebok is great if you are looking for added stability. These shoes provide some of the best ankle support we saw while providing a solid fit and reasonable cushion.

However, they are generally not the best for mobility–which makes Mayweather’s choice of them a bit more surprising. The rubber outer sole is not ideal, though it is not bad. The main issue comes with their weight. These are some of the heaviest shoes we saw.



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Best Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Shoes

Some boxers might say they prefer to trust a dedicated shoe manufacturer for their shoe needs, but Cleto Reyes is a boxer’s brand. As such, they make it a point to tailor their products specifically to a boxer’s needs–including their footwear. One thing that sets this pair of shoes apart from the rest is that they are made out of durable leather. Of course, being leather, that means it will take a while for them to break in.

However, once you do break them in, the leather will form around your foot and fit like a glove. Even better, the zipper allows you to keep the fit without untying the laced. Unfortunately, being leather these are also the least breathable pair of shoes we saw.


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Best ADIDAS Boxfit 3 Adult Boot

The Adidas Boxfit 3 is the low-top alternative to their high-top Box Hog 2s. Low-top boxer’s shoes are not generally favored and are more often used for training and fitness than an actual fight. In this regard, the Boxfits fit that mold perfectly. The low-top obviously does not provide for the best ankle support, but the inner sole offers some of the best cushioning for longer workouts.

The outer sole is okay but is not ideal for fight conditions where the mat may slide too much. That said, they are exceptionally light and will provide some of the best mobility–even if the fit could be a bit tighter.


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Rival is a brand that generally hovers in the mid to upper-mid tier range. While they may not be seen as premiere, they offer plenty of value in terms of price to quality ratios. These boots are probably best suited to an amateur who needs to double up their fighting and training shoes.

This is because the Rivals have a decent outer sole, but they do not feature the specialized pivot tread. On the other hand, they are exceptionally breathable–great for long training sessions–but they are also not the most durable. Finally, they offer solid ankle support, but their mid-top design does not restrict mobility.


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Boxing Shoes Pros Cons
adidas Box Hog 2 Men's Boots
Gum rubber sole is great
Provides plenty of breathability
Exceptionally light
Does not provide the best ankle support
Run a bit thin
Sole is not that durable
Reebok Men's Boot-Buck Sneaker
Provides excellent ankle support
Gives tight fit
Good medium style cushion
Heavier than most
Rubber outsole could be better
Run a bit thin
Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Shoes
Made from durable leather
Provides a solid fit
Easy to put on with zipper
Will take a while to break in
Not at all breathable
Not great arch support
ADIDAS Boxfit 3 Adult Boot

Lighter than most
Provides great mobility
Good inner sole cushioning
Does not provide the best ankle support
Not as tight a fit
Outer sole is only okay

More breathable than some
Soles a good mix of grip and slide
Provides good ankle support
Not the tightest fit
Not the most durable
Lacks specialized pivot trea

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