Best Vibram Five Fingers Shoes For Training And Performance 2019

Benefits of wearing 5 Finger shoes for lifestyle and performance

Best vibram five fingers. Wearing shoes that look like feet is a relatively new concept. The shoes are designed to be more comfortable than ordinary shoes by fitting over the foot like a glove. vibram five fingers shoes have been a specialist of vibram five fingers shoes for many years. They have managed to produce these snug shoes for almost all types of activities.






History of Vibram Five Fingers

Vibram FiveFingers have a long and deep history. The shoes with toes work started a few decades ago by Bramani. He started his company in, a quest to make outdoor activity safe. It was the result of his friends dying while hiking. He was able to develop a sole design that would be useful to lovers of outdoor activities.

The humble beginnings of the company are what allowed it to develop the vibram five fingers later on. The five finger shoes with toes were developed by a design student in 1999. Robert Fliri wanted to develop a shoe that would make it easier to move around in nature. This is where he undoubtedly drew his inspiration.

Originally, humans would walk barefoot with only a layer of mud on their soles. vibram five fingers was developed and introduced to the consumers in 2005. The shoes were mainly targeted at yacht racers. The shoes would allow them to maintain a firm grip even in slippery conditions. Later on, their use as a minimalist shoe was suggested to the Vibram CEO, who fell in love with the idea.



Benefits of Wearing Finger Shoes for Different Categories

Vibram shoes are built for different types of activities. It is important that you learn some of the benefits you could gain from wearing Vibram shoes for activities like running, training or other sports like golf.



Best Vibram Five Fingers Shoes



Runners have a lot to gain by wearing Vibram-fivefinger shoes. One of the major benefits is protection from the surface. As a result, thorns or tiny sharp objects will not prick one’s feet. Another benefit is stability. Ordinary running shoes are like blocks that limit foot movement. Some great shoes in this category are:

1. vibram five fingers shoes:Vibram Women’s V-Run Running Shoe

These are the perfect running shoes for women. They are available in a pink color, which most women will like. In addition, these toes shoes come with a perforated top. The design makes them perfect for running in hot conditions. In addition, they have an anti-microbial drilex line that prevents the development of bacteria that cause a nasty smell.

Available on Amazon


2. Vibram-Fivefingers Spyridon LS Barefoot Running Shoe

The shoes feature a midsole molded nylon mesh. The mesh helps to disperse impact over a wide surface. It is an important feature in keeping the runner safe. The insole is stitched in to reduce injury to the skin.
Available on Amazon


3. Vibram-FiveFingers Bikila LS Shoes

The toe shoes are designed for road running and trail running. They are fitted with TPU toe caps to protect your feet from the hard surface. It is an important feature for people who want to try barefoot running.

Available on Amazon


4. Vibram Men’s V-Run Running Shoe

The shoes are perfect for male runners. They are massively perforated to keep the runner’s feet as cool as possible. The shoes also have the XS run compound at the heels and toes for improved stability.

Available on Amazon


5. Vibram-FiveFingers Men’s SeeYa LS Polyester Running Shoe

They are perfect for off-road runners. The shoes are designed with a seamless collar. It helps to keep debris out of the shoes. They also come with Vibram’s TC-1 Sole designed for durability.

Available on Amazon


vibram five fingers shoes Individual Sports

One of the sports that have benefited from Vibram 5 finger shoes is golf. The shoes are well designed for the slippery golf courses. Players will get the traction they need to make the perfect shot.

1. Vibram-FiveFingers Men’s Speed XC Lite Barefoot Shoes

The shoe comes in a gray orange or blue-gray color. It is the perfect golfing shoes. The shoes are very durable. In addition, they have a soft interior that feels cozy. Furthermore, they break in quite fast.

Available on Amazon


2. Vibram Men’s Trek Ascent LR Light Hiking Shoe

For lovers of hiking, these shoes are a perfect choice. They have a top layer made of leather and hemp. It is durable and perfect for outdoor hiking. In addition, they come with zero drop design to assist with stability on rough terrain.

Available on Amazon


3. Vibram Women’s Alitza Breathe Fitness Yoga Shoe

Yoga is an important activity for health fitness enthusiasts. However, without the right shoes, one may injure their ankles. The shoes offer you the flexibility to participate in Yoga classes without the risk of injuring your feet.

Available on Amazon


4. Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe

The feather light shoes are the closest thing to barefoot one could come to while wearing shoes. They are designed to be optimally breathable. They are perfect even for the most intense yoga workout.

Available on Amazon


vibram five fingers shoes Lifestyle

Over the years, Vibram has also produced some great lifestyle fivefinger shoes. These shoes are awesome for wearing on informal occasions. For instance, they would look cool with some jeans.

1. Vibram Men’s Cvt Wool Walking Shoe

The design of these shoes is just awesome. The upper of the shoes is made of a wooly material that feels and looks great. They are for the adventurous types who want to look cool.

Available on Amazon


2. Vibram-FiveFingers Men’s Signa Barefoot Shoes & Premium Toesock Bundle

The shoes are designed for the outdoors but with a hint of style to them. They are perfect for those who love the outdoors but still like to be stylish.

Available on Amazon


3. Vibram Lady FiveFingers Komodo Sports Shoes

The shoes are the perfect type of casual wear for going around town. They look perfect and are also trendy. Ladies who like casual wear will have a great time trying them.

Available on Amazon

4. Vibram Women’s Vybrid Sneak Walking Shoe

The shoes are a great way to experience the outdoors. For instance, they would look great on a picnic. For women looking for something casual and unique, you will love these shoes.

Available on Amazon

5. Vibram-FiveFingers Men’s CVT-Hemp Barefoot Shoes & Premium Toesock Bundle

These are among Vibram’s most stylish fivefinger shoes. The shoes are designed for any kind of setting. They are one of the few fivefinger shoes that would not totally look out of place with a suit.

Available on Amazon


vibram five fingers shoes Vibram boots

Vibram FiveFingers Womens Furoshiki Shearling Boot

FiveFingers are designed around the foot’s measurement in inches. There is no real 100% translation between your US size and FiveFingers size. In order to find the right size, please measure both feet from heel to tip of the longest toe with a ruler in inches. Take the longest measurement for your longest foot and refer to our women’s size chart or men’s size chart.

Available on Amazon


Vibram Furoshiki Mid Boot New Yorker Black Sneaker

Vibram sole Shaft measures approximately 8.75″ from arch Vibram Furoshiki: The wrapping sole for everywhere you go, and everything you do! Furoshiki is the only sole on the market that wraps around the entire foot. Because the upper is constructed with stretch fabric, it will anatomically fit nicely on any foot type and the hook and loop closure system allow for a quick, easy fit. Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Available on Amazon


Vibram Furoshiki Mid Boot Russian Felt Grey/Red Wine Sneaker

Vibram sole Shaft measures approximately 8.5″ from arch Boot opening measures approximately 13.5″ around Vibram Furoshiki: The wrapping sole for everywhere you go, and everything you do! Furoshiki is the only sole on the market that wraps around the entire foot. Because the upper is constructed with stretch fabric, it will anatomically fit nicely on any foot type and the hook and loop closure system allow for a quick, easy fit. Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Available on Amazon


vibram five fingers shoes Gym Training

Most gym training involves lifting heavy equipment. As a result, any instability could lead to serious consequences. It is important to have the perfect gym training shoes.

1. Vibram Men’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoe

The shoes come with a relatively thick sole. As a result, a visit to the gym is safe with these shoes. They offer perfect stability for any gym activity.

Available on Amazon


2. Vibram-Fivefingers Women’s KSO-Black-39

The shoe has won accolades for being versatile. It is beloved by women for the comfort it offers. Also, it is an awesome shoe to wear at the gym. It has a mesh to ensure breathability during intense workouts.

Available on Amazon


3. Vibram-FiveFingers KMD Sports LS – Women’s,36 M EU, Blue/Green

It is the perfect shoe for protecting delicate feet from injury. The shoe is highly cushioned, which is great for impact protection. It has a meshed polyester top for maximum breathability during workouts.

Available on Amazon


4. Vibram Fivefingers Kso – Women’s Black/Black 34

It is a great shoe for gym activity. The bottom of the shoes is made of a polyamide material. As a result, one does not have to worry about chafed skin no matter the intensity of the workout.

Available on Amazon


5. Vibram Men’s El-x Cross Training Shoe

The shoe comes with a serrated trend pattern that is awesome for traction. It offers you the perfect stability you need during a workout session. The highly breathable upper mesh is awesome for intensive workouts.

Available on Amazon


furoshiki shoes

What are vibram five fingers shoes Furoshiki shoes

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese cloth used to wrap objects up in convenient bundles. Vibram Furoshiki has taken that concept a step further. It’s an unusual wrap shoe that’s lightweight, foldable and super portable. They follow the five finger shoes. Allowing the free to be free to move. Vibram wrap shoes will help a person to use there toes more effectivity.

Vibram wrap shoes are the perfect beginner shoes for barefoot lifestyle and training. The five finger shoes are set in place with the toes. Which can be comfortable for beginners. This is due to the adaptations we have developed from wearing normal shoes. The Furshiki is a great stepping stop to the five finger shoes and being able to use your feet more effectively. Below are a few which we have found to be the best to start with.

Vibram Men’s and Women’s Furoshiki Phulkari Sneaker

Vibram sole Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch Vibram Furoshiki: The wrapping sole for everywhere you go, and everything you do! Furoshiki is the only sole on the market that wraps around the entire foot. Because the upper is constructed with stretch fabric, it will anatomically fit nicely on any foot type and the hook and loop closure system allow for a quick, easy fit. Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Available on Amazon


Vibram Men’s and Women’s Furoshiki Shipibo Sneaker

Vibram sole Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch Vibram Furoshiki: The wrapping sole for everywhere you go, and everything you do! Furoshiki is the only sole on the market that wraps around the entire foot. Because the upper is constructed with stretch fabric, it will anatomically fit nicely on any foot type and the hook and loop closure system allow for a quick, easy fit. Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Available on Amazon


Vibram Men’s and Women’s Furoshiki Rebozo Sneaker

Vibram sole Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch Vibram Furoshiki: The wrapping sole for everywhere you go, and everything you do! Furoshiki is the only sole on the market that wraps around the entire foot. Because the upper is constructed with stretch fabric, it will anatomically fit nicely on any foot type and the hook and loop closure system allow for a quick, easy fit. Machine Wash Cold / Air Dry

Available on Amazon



How to Size the vibram five fingers shoes and Choose the Perfects Socks

The wrong size of shoes could ruin the experience with vibram five fingers shoes. You need to ensure that you measure your shoe size from the heel to the longest toe. Carefully examine which among you toes is the longest. In addition, take your measurement after a long workout or a busy day on your feet.

You should also know that there are vibram five fingers shoes socks on sale. These types of socks help to stop your shoes from stinking. Buy as many pairs as possible. Always leave a one mm allowance if you are going to wear you vibram five fingers shoes with socks.

Toe Socks and Foot Function for vibram five fingers shoes

Vito conformity – express your independence.

Independent toe function is critical to optimal foot function.

Why is this?

You have 26 bones in your feet. 14 of them (ie more than 50% of them) can be found in your toes alone yes, as if that wasn’t enough, of the remaining 12 bones, 9 of them are directly involved in what your toes do. That’s right 23 out of 26 bones in each foot (or 46 out of 52 in your feet) depend, for optimal function, on the independent function of each toe.

When the toe is encased in a standard sock or, worse, in a standard shoe which compromise toe function, this is when foot function begins to break down.  After all, if 88% of the bones in the foot are not functioning to their potential, moving through the range nature endowed them with, you are compromising your function, and you’re doing that at very point – indeed the only point – your body interfaces with the ground.

Why would I use a toe sock?

Many users of toe socks are already wearers of Vibram Fivefingers, but many are not. Toe socks have become popular with runners because one of the banes of a runners life can be blisters between the toes. When people wear conventional running shoes their toes get pushed together and so across many kilometers, this will often result in rubbing and blister formation. Toe socks help to prevent this.

Similarly, Toe socks are made from CoolMax – ideal for moisture-wicking and, as such, may help in preventing Athlete’s Foot and other fungal infections of the toes and nails.

Of course, if you are a Vibram Fivefingers wearer, or are going for that more barefoot feel in another shoe, then the V-Toes allow the foot to retain a more natural function while keeping it warm in colder climates; and aside from that, they also help in odour management (although, of course, Vibram Fivefingers are one of the few shoes on the market you can put in the washing machine)!

1.Injinji Run 2.0 Lightweight No-Show Toe Socks

Available on Amazon

2.Injinji Men’s Sport Original Weight Micro Performance Toe Socks

Available on Amazon

3.FUN TOES Women’s Cotton Toe Socks-Breathable-6 PAIRS Pack-Size 9-11-Lightweight

Available on Amazon

4.Injinji Performance Mini-Crew Toe Socks

Available on Amazon

5.Women’s No Show Excellent Stretch Premium Toe Socks 3 Pairs

Available on Amazon

Vibram size chart

Barefoot Junkie - Vibram Fivefingers - Size Guide

How the Technology Works with vibram five fingers shoes

Vibram 5 finger shoe technology mimics the natural contours of your feet. There are a number of advantages to this. For instance, it shifts the center of gravity back to your forefoot. With ordinary shoes, you have to strike the ground with your heel first, which weakens your foot muscles.

Health fitness enthusiasts recommend walking barefoot for some time each week to counter these muscles weakness. The finger shoe technology attempts to create the natural conditions under which the foot was meant to work.

However, it provides an extra layer of cushion to protect the feet from the natural elements. In addition, it increases grip, which reduces the risk of slipping and injury. The shoe’s unique shape assists with a concept called ankle proprioception. Muscles in the feet build up strength via this important mechanism. A small study found that barefoot runners who use this kind of shoe improved performance.


Shoes that look like feet

Vibram five fingers shoes Pros

• It has a natural feel that mimics how humans have lived for thousands of years.

• It reduces common running injuries by improving running form.

• The shoes are lightweight, which increases running speed.

• The shoes are flexible, which helps when walking on rough terrain.

Vibram five fingers shoes Cons

• The cushioning is too thin on some models.

• The sizing system is a bit complex.

• The shoes may smell awful because most people do not wear socks with these shoes.

Ordinary (regular) Shoes


• Thick sole for protection against the hard surface.

•  Help to keep the feet warm in cold weather.

•  Protect the feet from the elements such as water puddles.

•  They are quite durable.


• Possible cause injury due to their rigid nature.

• They weaken foot muscles because they limit its movement.

•  Are problematic to size accurately.

10 Reasons to go barefoot with Vibram five fingers shoes

  1. Enhanced running efficiency

Research has shown that running barefoot can result in up to 8% increase in efficiency (Squadrone & Gallozzi 2008, Warne 2013). It is not clear why this is, though it is likely to be due in part to the toes and the arches of the foot are allowed to function more effectively, and the way removing the shoe encourages a forefoot strike (Lieberman 2010) which means the Achilles and calf muscle are used more efficiently.

Facilitated venous return resulting in

  • a. Decreased blood pressure, This is true – particularly if walking on uneven ground (ie cobbled streets or off road). The walking itself, of course, helps to support good cardiovascular function but, in addition, the fact that the foot strikes the ground at a slightly different angle with each step and is allowed to roll over the naturally convex heel (rather than a flat, straight, rubber plate) means that multiple muscle groups are activated resulting in greater pumping of blood back through the valve-based venous system (Vines 2005).
  • b. Reduced risk of deep vein thrombosis; For the same reason as above (2a) there is less pooling of blood in the lower leg and enhance venous return.
  • c. Lower incidence of varicose veins; because there is better venous return, blood does not sit in the veins increasing pressure on the vein walls and creating varicosities. Instead, it is pumped more efficiently back to the heart through enhanced muscular use in the lower leg.

Decreased ankle sprains;

  • It is claimed that increased awareness of foot position from direct contact with the ground (Robbins et al., 1995) may decrease risk of ankle sprain – and/or the reduced leverage and consequently twisting around the ankle (sub-talar) joint from going “barefoot” minimizes the risk of spraining the joint during a stumble (Stacoff et al., 1996).

Lowered risk of shin splints;

  • Chronic ailments such as shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome and peri-patellar pain are attributed variously to the altered biomechanical loading of the limbs (Siff and Verkhoshansky, 1999, p.451). When running barefoot on hard surfaces, the runner compensates for the lack of cushioning underfoot by plantar-flexing the foot at contact, thus giving a softer landing (Frederick, 1986).
  • Barefoot runners also land mid-foot, increasing the work of the foot’s soft tissue support structures, thereby increasing their strength and possibly reducing the risk of injury (Yessis 2000, p.124).

Minimize back pain;

  • Walking barefoot means, inherently, that the only heel you’re walking on is your own. Walking wearing standard shoe means, almost inevitably, you’ll have an extra heel. Any change in the orientation of the heel instantly changes the mechanics of the arch of the foot, but importantly also changes the mechanics of the low back – increasing the curve. An increased curve in the low back means that the small facet joints on the back of the spine which are not designed for weight bearing (Bogduk 2003) become loaded and, across time, painful.

Enhance proprioception

  • 70% of the body’s terminal nerve endings finish in the hands and feet. Of course, if you look to the evolution of vertebrates you find that they progressed from fish to tetrapods (ie forelimbs and hindlimbs in touch with the ground) then finally to bipeds. Bipedalism not only requires significant balance but, by definition, means that our only two consistent points of contact with our surrounding environment are our feet. This is reflected by the fact that there are 200,000 sensory nerve endings in the sole of the foot – more than anywhere else in the body.

Strengthen intrinsic foot musculature

  • just as when you support a broken limb with plaster the muscles weaken and atrophy, so when you support afoot the muscles weaken and atrophy. Weak muscles make for greater injury risk, greater dependency on shoes, and impaired performance. Don’t let yourself become a statistic.

Maximize biomechanical performance

  • funnily enough, the arches of the foot evolved that way not by chance, but for a reason. Counter to the commonly held belief that the arches are there to absorb shock, in actuality the arches are designed to store energy and return that energy to the gait cycle on the next step.
  • Similarly, the natural arches of the spine are designed to perfectly store energy as the body “derotates” during the gait cycle (Gracovetsky 1988, 1997, 2001). Wearing shoes that “support” the arch prevents the arches from performing their function, while any change in heel height above that of the forefoot results in changes to the spinal curves compromising energy storage and recoil in these two key areas for efficiency and performance.

Diminish risk of bunions;

  • the traditional shape of shoes means that they round to a point somewhere in front of the 2nd or 3rd toe. This means that the big toe is often pushed towards the middle of the foot and the same is true of the little toe. This phenomenon coupled with a heel on the shoe – which loads the big toe even further – results in a deviation of the big toe called hallux valgus and ultimately bunions may develop.

Optimise balance / prevent falls;

  • we mentioned above (point 6) that the feet provide significant sensory feedback to the brain and are therefore critical in balance and efficient gait. However, it is sad to learn that the leading cause of death in people of the age of 65 years is not heart attacks, not cancer and not strokes – but falling (Chek 2004). In fact, 25% of elderly people who fall and fracture a hip, die within 1 year of that fall.


Atrophy: A lack of nutrition to a tissue, resulting in wasting of that tissue.
Tetrapod: A creature which habitually stands on four limbs.
Gait cycle: The repetitive cyclical motion of walking or running.
Venous return: The return of blood, via the veins, from the periphery toward the heart.

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vibram five fingers shoes Shoe Performance and Maintenance

For which activities are Fivefingers particularly suitable?

Vibram Fivefingers are suitable for most leisure activities, for example: running, fitness training, yoga, pilates, travel, light trekking, climbing, canyoneering, sailing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, surfing, flats fishing, martial arts, bouldering. The versatility of the design means that the Fivefingers can be used for most activities for which your feet are used!

Are they machine washable?

Yes, vibram five fingers shoes can be machine washed with a normal 30-degree color wash.

NOTE:  Washing at higher temperatures may result in glue-failure, which will impair the function and look of your shoes and invalidates your warranty.

I’ve been wearing my new vibram five fingers shoes for a few days now and I’ve noticed that my feet have started to ache, what should I do?

Your feet have been used to the support of a conventional shoe for many years then there is a chance that a switch to wearing vibram five fingers shoes may result in some small degree of discomfort as the strength of your foot returns. When the pain feels muscular, there is probably no need to do anything other than to take it easy and take your time to allow your feet to become used to the shoe.

If the discomfort continues for more than 14 days or feels more like a joint problem, you may consider consulting a recommended physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor to ensure the pain is not because one of your foot joints has stiffened up after years of not being allowed to move in conventional shoes.


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