Best Small TVs for Your Home Health and Fitness Studio 2019

Furnishing a home fitness studio can be a difficult task. Of course, you need the machines that you’ll be doing your workouts with, but what about something to keep you occupied while you do so? Listening to the radio or your iPod can only keep you occupied for so long, which is why we recommend looking into finding the best small tvs smart TVs best buy to entertain you during your fitness sessions.

However, there are so many TVs that you can choose from when trying to find the perfect one for your fitness studio that it can seem incredibly difficult to choose! This is why we’ve done the searching for you and have come up with a list of the Best Small TVs for Your Home Fitness Studio.

We’ve grouped our selections into 3 categories: Small TVs, Small Smart TVs, and Wireless Cable TVs. On top of this, we’re also including our picks for the best Best Buy TV Mounts so you can be sure you have a way to display your smart TV best buy once you receive it.

So, without further ado, here are our picks:

Best Small TVs

Best small tvs:August DA100D 10.1″ Portable TV with Freeview HD – Small Screen LCD Television

With a 10.1″ screen, this small TV is an incredibly portable size for any fitness room. Because of its compact size, you won’t have to worry about having enough room for it, as it can fit as easily on a nightstand as it can secured to the wall. You can also timeshift live TV by pausing or rewinding so you don’t have to miss a moment of your program during a bathroom break. The only downside to this small TV is the volume, which isn’t as loud as it could be. If you’re looking for something small, this is a perfect small TV for you, but we recommend looking into another small TV if you’re looking for a booming, projecting sound.

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Best small tvs:Cello C1623OFT2 16-Inch HD

This small TV gives you a great deal of benefits to utilize, whether it be the Freeview T2 HD channels or the Built-in DVD player. Our personal favorite feature is the HDMI cable which allows you to effortlessly connect any HDMI-compatible device for the most clear viewing you could ask for. This small TV also comes with a small stand behind it, which is definitely a plus, but it can also be wall mounted with one of the best buy TV mounts (later in our list) for those who want it up higher or directly across from their workout machine. This 16-inch small TV is perfect for those looking for a relatively small TV, but those who have a slightly larger definition of “small” might want to look elsewhere.

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Best small tvs:Avtex L168DRS 16-Inch Widescreen Super Slim LED TV with Freeview HD

Avtex is not a newcomer to the small TV universe, being very well-known for their tendency to make a small TV that is very high-quality and last a long time. The L168DRS in particular is very slim and looks wonderful when it’s wall mounted, though it also comes with a small stand in case you would like to keep yours on top of a piece of furniture. What you pay for with the L168DRS you definitely get back in quality, as the small TV itself is incredibly long-lasting. Likely the best part of Avtex’s products is always the durability and customer service—this small TV comes with a 3 year warranty in the event something is wrong or defective, which we think is a huge plus.

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Best small tvs:LG Electronics 22MT49DF 1080p Full HD 21.5-Inch LED TV

The biggest benefit of the 22MT49DF is the wonderful contrast ratio of 1000:1—when combined with the incredibly wonderful Full-HD display, you’re able to have a very clear, wide image no matter what you’re watching. This small TV can also work well in multiple contexts, as it also has a gaming mode that you can use for when you’re done with your physical workout and want to work out your mental abilities. This small TV boasts an incredible size of 21.5-inches, something that isn’t as common when looking at small TVs of its kind. Those looking on the larger side of “small TVs” will appreciate this model greatly.

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Best smalltvs:Philips 22PFT5303/05 22-Inch Full HD LED TV with Freeview HD – Black (2018 Model)

The Philips 22PFT5303 stands out from its competition with the ability to implement USB elements in its design. With this, consumers can access any USB drive that they might have, allowing them to view photos, video, and listen to music from their small TV. This can then be controlled by the wireless remote, allowing you to have a truly versatile device in front of you at all times when working out. The negative aspect of this model comes from its ineffective customer support, which was rarely able to help us with any questions we had. If you’re savvy with small TVs and don’t expect to have any problems, then we recommend this model.

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Best Smart TVs

Best smart tvs:Samsung UE40NU7120 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV

Though this smart TV comes in larger sizes, the 40-inch model is a perfect size for a fitness room. The Ultra HD it comes with is enchanting, giving you the best quality of TV that you could ask for. There is also a UHD Dimming aspect that makes different shadows and lighting effects in shows especially clear, something that took us off-guard when we were first watching. The quality was surprising, but certainly welcome, especially with a smart TV of its caliber. One of the negative things is that it is battery powered, making it slightly impractical for those who are looking for a plug-in TV. It works for wall mounts, though, so you’re able to place it anywhere you’d like!

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Berst Smart tvs:Toshiba 32W3863DB 24-Inch HD Ready Smart TV with Freeview Play

The Toshiba 32W3863DB model combines all of the aspects that we admire of small TVs with a truly high-quality smart TV by having a great, portable size that comes with many wonderful wireless capabilities. Our personal favorite is the incorporation of Amazon’s Alexa, meaning that you can command this small smart TV with voice and use it to communicate with other parts of your house as well. The small smart TV does not have an Amazon Video app, which is something that we were confused about, especially given the support the small smart TV has for so many other Amazon-centric features and services.

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Best smart tvs:Sony Bravia KDL32WE613BU (32-Inch) HD Ready HDR Smart TV

This small smart TV comes with a feature that many other small smart TVs of its kind don’t have: X-Reality Pro. This helps upscale the quality of the image by refining the pixels, lessening the percentage of on-screen noise and promoting clarity. This sounds like another way of saying HD, but it is truly a different experience altogether, almost as if the HD itself got an upgrade. This small smart TV is also very versatile, allowing you to plug in via its HDMI port in order to play games, use it as a monitor for your computer, or whatever else you might have in mind! The apps are also standard for a small smart TV, but useful nonetheless: use the browser to go on the web or watch videos with YouTube, among many other things!

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Best smart tvs:Toshiba 24D3753DB 24-Inch HD Ready DVD Smart TV with Freeview Play

Another contender from Toshiba for the title of “best smart TV”, the 24D3753DB has everything you could want with a small smart TV. We were particularly impressed with the strength of its Bluetooth capabilities, which allowed us to have an incredibly secure connection no matter where we were in our pretty large fitness room. A downside to this small smart TV, though, is that the volume is not as loud as it is with other small smart TVs of its kind. The DVD player also doesn’t have an extendable tray, which is always a wonderful touch to make things feel more seamless and less clunky.

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Best smart tvs:LG 28TK420S-PZ 720p HD Ready 28-inch Smart TV

This LG brand small smart TV has a very impressive picture quality for its size, resembling a quality found more often in much larger TVs. Setting up the smart TV can be a bit of a hassle, though, something that took us much longer than we thought it would. The sound is also not as strong as it could be, without any jacks included connecting to alternate speakers. It’s also a pretty customizable small smart TV, giving you a few options to download certain apps and improve its quality. Overall, we were very impressed with the number of options you were able to tweak that you would typically find with much larger, more high-end models of smart TV. This is also one of the models that we consider an absolute smart TV best buy!

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Best Wireless Cable TVs

Hitachi 32-Inch Smart Freeview HD LED TV

This wireless cable TV is pretty high-quality as far as wireless cable TVs go but can have a slow response between button presses for the remote. However, when compared to other models on the market, it is a great model to invest in if you’re looking for a smart TV best buy for your fitness room that can also be set up very easily.

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Cello C32SFS 32″ Superfast Smart LED TV

As a wireless cable TV, the C32SFS boasts incredible speed and features. One of the absolute coolest things about this model is the ability for the user to pause and rewind footage so you can re-visit favorite moments of any TV show while it happens. The wireless capabilities of this TV also are incredibly strong, even working for us outside of our fitness room! It also gives a large amount of USB and HDMI inputs, giving you flexibility with the number of devices that you use with the wireless cable TV.

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Hitachi 43hk6000 Televisor 43″ LCD Direct LED UHD 4k HDR

As a company, Hitachi has the reign of the market with some of the best high-end models of wireless cable TVs. This one is surely a smart TV best buy due to its incredible quality in the image that will especially bring out the landscapes in the background of anything you watch. As a downside, though, there aren’t as many apps as you would be able to find on another wireless cable TV.

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Panasonic TX-58EX700B 58-Inch 1600 Hz Widescreen 4k Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview Play

As undoubtedly one of the most high-end models you can find in the market, the TX-58EX700B is an incredibly good TV to put in a fitness room. This is a huge benefit for those who like to splurge and give themselves the best of anything all of the time, but for those who don’t know if they want the most extravagant TV in their fitness room, it makes sense to look elsewhere. In terms of quality, this is surely the best buy smart TV that also acts as a wireless cable TV, giving you true versatility.

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Philips 55PUS7803/12 55-Inch 4k Ultra HD Android Smart TV

This wireless cable TV is another option for an extravagant model to put in your fitness room for those who want a large model to go in front of their workout machine. We couldn’t find any faults with this product, as the 4k screen makes the picture incredibly intricate, really to the point where it was hard to believe. This is a highly-recommended TV if you want something truly luxurious in your fitness room.

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Best Buy TV Mounts

Even after you’ve found your smart TV best buy and know where exactly you’ll put it in your fitness room, you also have to sift through the best buy TV mounts available. Sorting through the market to find the best buy TV mounts can be just as strenuous as finding the TV itself, so that’s why we’ve compiled a handful of our favorites.

SIMBR Mount Bracket Universal Pedestal Base

This model stands out among the other best buy TV mounts because of its versatility—it helps you mount any TV pretty easily, being able to support a TV that is anywhere from 26 to 65 inches long. The only downside is that you can’t adjust it to mount the TV on the wall, so get this only if you want a sturdy stand.

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Allcam MMS05 Dual LCD Monitor Arm Stand

For those who have multiple people working out in the same room and might even want two small TVs playing at the same time, this mount is absolutely ideal. Different from the rest of the best buy TV mounts in the sense that it supports two TVs at once, this stand gives you a large range of flexibility for each screen while being able to keep them separate.

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Andrew James TV Bracket for Wall

People who want to mount their TV on the wall in their fitness room will love this. The heavy gauge steel bracket can hold a wide variety of TVs of different lengths and weights, but possibly its biggest asset is the ease with which you can set up a TV—it’s incredibly intuitive and a must-purchase for anyone looking for one of the best buy TV mounts!

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Andrew James TV Wall Bracket 37″ to 65″, Max Weight 75 Kilograms

If you happen to have a heavier TV than normal, this mount will surely stand out among the other best buy TV mounts. This is because you get the durability and reliability of the Andrew James brand coupled with the endurance to hold up to 75 kilograms of weight. This is mainly reserved for larger TVs, but can be really helpful for those who are worried their current mount won’t hold their TV.

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Yousave Accessories Slim Compact TV Wall Mount Bracket

This mount is great for smart TVs that you’d like to put on the wall in your fitness room. Some of the parts that come with it might not be as strong as they need to be (i.e. we had to go out to a hardware store to get different screws because it didn’t work as well on our wall), but that’s a tiny blemish in the construction for what is otherwise a great product. Highly recommended for those who are looking for a flexible mount for their TV!

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Small TV Sizes

The smallest TV that you’ll find that can also be considered a smart TV best buy is typically between 16 and 32 inches. If you find a TV within this category, you can be almost guaranteed that it is not only a smart TV best buy, but also one that you’d easily be able to put in your fitness room.

Final Thoughts

When looking at the market for the Best Small TVs for a Home Fitness Studio, we were excited to see that there were many times that we realized we found another smart TV best buy. We were also thrilled that there was an equally promising selection of best buy TV mounts! Through this guide, we hope you are able to find a smart TV best buy that works for your fitness room, as everybody should be able to keep themselves occupied while exercising!

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