Best Competition Kettlebells For A Home Fitness Studio 2020

Best Kettlebells for home training. Used correctly are a great addition to your existing workout equipment that helps you stay in good health as well as increase fat loss. And, if you have been injured, they are a great tool for supplementing movement rehab when working on injury recovery or performance improvement. Here are a few tips on what to look for in the best kettlebells and a few reviews to help you start your search.




What’s a kettlebell?

Similar to a cannonball with a handle, a kettlebell comes in two types. Competition style kettlebells are constructed of steel that comes in all the same sizes regardless of their weight. They are differentiated by color coding to make distinguishing them easier. In contrast, regular cast-iron Best kettlebells increase in the size of the kettlebell as the weight increases.

Why train with kettlebells?

Helping you to stay strong and healthy, especially if you are going through rehab, a kettlebell workout is an efficient way to work out when you don’t have the budget or time for the gym. Plus, if you have limited storage space for workout equipment at home, Best kettlebells are the perfect answer to a workout regimen that will keep you motivated.


Best Kettlebells for home training

Best Kettlebells Kings Complete Set Cast Iron Kettlebell 5 Pound Increments

With an awesome balance of usability and durability, the Best Kettlebells Kings Powder Coat kettlebells are very versatile allowing you to use them at home and at work. With the advantages of a powder coat, you don’t have the need for chalk as the texture allows you to sustain a good grip when you have sweaty palms.

Unless you are doing high repetition work, the amount of chalk is greatly reduced by the coating. The Best Kettlebells Kings Powder Coat kettlebells have colored bands on their hands that indicate their weight according to international standards. The handles were constructed for high-intensity workouts, and the kettlebells are made from one gravity casting giving you the precision in creating a kettlebell mould.

Best CFF K2 Powder Coated Russian Kettlebell


Designed as a versatile workout tool, CFF K2 Powder Coated Russian Kettlebells can be used with or without chalk. With a slightly rough but clean, this is one of the most resilient powder coatings you will find with a handle that holds a lot of chalk. For an old-school workout, the Best kettlebells that is definitely a workhorse with a minimalist approach.

Perfect for both group and individual training, the CFF K2 gives you a comfortable and superior grip with a smooth surface that won’t irritate your hands. This is an ideal tool for squats, lunges, and single or double handed swings. This is not a kettlebell you have to worry about losing your balance or grip because of sweat.

Best Kettlebells Kings Competition Designed Repetition

With a different type of competition design, the Best Kettlebell Kings Competition Designed Repetition uses a small window with a slightly curved handle instead of the straight handles with a wide window like most competition-style kettlebells. The purpose of the design is to create a more comfortable handle when in the rack position and holding the kettlebell overhead and the curved handle fits in your palm nicely and your grip lasts longer.

Color-coded to indicate each individual weight, the window of these kettlebells is the biggest difference when comparing them to their competitors. The small size and curvature allow you more comfort and easier insertion for a better workout and an increase in endurance and strength. The hollow core also creates better balance during lifts since other kettlebells have welded bottoms and fillers that can rattle and shift around with movement making it more difficult to finish your workout.

Best RAGE Fitness Competition Kettlebell

With the RAGE Fitness Competition Kettlebells, you get superior construction with steel shells that are accurately balanced for consistency and high-quality. All RAGE kettlebells have the same handle size and diameter bell. Polished with a flawless finish, the steel handle provides smooth maneuvering and handling during your workout, plus they help to lessen blistering and hand fatigue.

The RAGE Competition Kettlebells also increase your endurance and strength through compound full body movements. These kettlebells can be used for several different power building exercises, and they come in competition size and one piece steel construction. They are available in increments of 4 Kg from 4 – 48 Kgs.

Bedt CAP SDK5 Competition Weight Kettlebell


Setting the bar for high-quality, the CAP Competition Weight Kettlebell is constructed of solid cast iron. Their weight is accurate to 1%, and each one is powder-coated and machined. This creates a surface that is seam-free giving you an easy to grip handle that is also comfortable. With a wide and flat base, you are guaranteed that the kettlebells will rest firmly on the ground without worrying about rocking. They are also color-coded for easy sorting and identification with the weight displayed in both kilograms and pounds.

Best Yes4All Cast Iron Competition Weight Kettlebell

Made of high-quality, solid cast iron, the Yes4All Cast Iron Competition Kettlebells are built to last. Without worrying about wear and tear, the solid cast iron kettlebells do not have seams, weak spots, or welds making them perfect to use indoor and out. Features a large round handle that is solid and textured, the Yes4All gives you a safe and comfortable, non-slip grip that can be used with one or both hands.

The flat bottom of the Yes4All Kettlebells makes them easy to store and even expand your exercises to include routines you can’t do with a regular kettlebell. The powder coated finish is durable and gives you a better grip, so it won’t slip out of your hand like a glossy finish would. Color-coded rings at the base of the kettlebell’s handle make it easy to tell the different weight apart and are consistent and accurate to within 2%.

The Yes4All Kettlebells will help to improve your power and increase your stamina and coordination. It also works great for stabilizing your muscles and improve your agility, speed, and movement. This is one of the most versatile and functional workout tools you can own working well for squats, lifting, and a kettlebell swing.

Best Rep Kettlebells

If you are looking for high-quality at an affordable price, the Rep Kettlebells are one of the best values on the market that don’t sacrifice quality. with smooth handles, each Rep Kettlebell is hand-inspected before it leaves the factory and again before it is shipped to guarantee no rough handles. With a flat bottom, the Rep Kettlebells are machined to make it easy to do kettlebell push-up, renegade rows, and other exercises that require a flat bottom.

The matte powder-coated finish is not only durable, but it gives the kettlebell’s a texture that provides a better grip that doesn’t slip in your hands. Plus it won’t chip away like a glossy enamel finish in just a short time. With color-band weight indicators, you can quickly and easily identify the right weights you are looking for which is great for classes and group workout. The Rep Kettlebells are perfect for conditioning, kettlebell training, and cross training.

Best ProSource Kettlebells


Giving you an incredible full body workout, the ProSource Kettlebell gives you a convenient and effective way to increase core ability and endurance. It is also a great way to build muscle through a wide range of challenging exercises that combine both muscle training and cardio for an effective, fat burning workout. Constructed of cast iron, the ProSource Kettlebells are standard competition size and were constructed to last.

With no weak spots, welds, or seams, these durable cast iron kettlebells use a heavy and uneven distribution of weight that forces your body to build balance and core strength as you work out. Perfect for the Best kettlebells swing, presses, and squats, the ProSource Kettlebells feature an extra-large handle that makes it easy to use either one or both hands to grip it for a comfortable and safe workout. They are available in a wide range of weights allowing them to be used by both beginners and advanced athletes.

Best Ader Pro-Grade Kettlebell


Known for their quality and durability, the Ader Competition Grade Kettlebells are constructed of solid steel and very comfortable to use. With smooth handles that give you a comfortable grip, the Competition Grade Kettlebells are ideal for high repetitions. The Ader Competition Grade Kettlebells will help you develop a wide range of flexibility. Color-coding distinguishes different weights that range from 8kg/18lbs to 48kg/106lbs while the grips are all regulation size at 33mm.

Best LYFT- Competition Kettlebell

The LYFT Competition Kettlebell is a versatile and durable workout tool with a bell design that reduces noise and stops damage to your floor. This kettlebell will help you develop power and endurance with a range of weights to choose from.

The LYFT Competition Kettlebell has a smooth and solid handle with a comfortable grip that will help to increase your capacity and improve your agility. They are available in different sets in 5-pound increments.


Best adjustable kettlebells

Below I have listed what I feel are the best 300lb adjustable kettlebells. Have a look, and see if there’s anything that might interest you.

Titan Fitness 10 – 40 lb Adjustable Kettlebell



Drop Cast Iron Plates – Flat base for easy storage – Extra wide handle for easy grip – Mechanism easily adjusts weights – 6 Adjustable Weight Levels – Save money, space, and time – One piece of fitness equipment can be used by many – Perfect for beginners or more advanced athletes – Handle Width: 1.5″ – Material: Cast Iron – Finish: Powder Coated – Total Weight: 40 lb – Color: Silver

Brute Force Kettlebells: Adjustable Kettlebell


Benefits of Using the Best Kettlebells

Besides getting an efficient kettlebell workout, some of the benefits of using a kettlebell include combining the benefits of fat loss, muscle toning, muscular endurance, and cardiorespiratory conditioning.

It can also improve your health and flexibility, increase lean muscle mass, and reduce your stress, all with a versatile piece of equipment. A Kettlebell will also help you to improve your peak performance allowing you to achieve your set goals while also helping you to reach new ones.

Your functional ability will also improve as your workouts translate to improving your performance in day to day activities and athletic events By using a combination of movement, the kettlebell requires you to use and contract several different muscle groups instead of just working on one area like your abs.

You get a total body exercise with multi-planes of motion of man muscle groups and joints that burns fat. Kettlebell exercises are a great addition to a good nutrition plan and are a good way to replace long cardio routines with a few Kettlebell intervals instead.

  • Aid in developing strength & power
  • Considered a functional training tool
  • Improve active flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve body composition and gaining lean mass
  • Improved core musculature and function
  • Improved endurance and exercise tolerance
  • Muscular hypertrophy
  • Cardiovascular improvements where exercise is programmed appropriately to challenge this
  • Kettlebells are a suitable strength training medium for female clients
  • Excellent additional training skill to offer as a fitness professional


Conversion table for kettlebells kg-lbs

Weights kgWeight Lbs


Regular Vs. Best Kettlebells Comparison

Competition Kettlebells

Pros: Tend to be larger but stay the same size regardless of the weight Great for personal use Works well with high repetition routines. Has a small and square handle Hand insertion never changes.

Cons: Not great for double handed exercises.

Regular Kettlebells

Pros: Have large domed handles that let you use moderate lateral movements Can use two hands and hold the bell by the horns Good for starting out with beginner exercises.


Size of the bell increases with the weight Each size rests in a slightly different place on your forearm

Features to Look for in the Best Kettlebells

Handle – Make sure the handle of the kettlebell you are considering is not too small or too oversized. Also, make sure the handle is smooth to avoid getting callouses from certain exercises. If necessary, you can use sandpaper to smooth it out. Bell – The bell should fit comfortably in a racked position on your forearm. Make sure there are consistencies in the curves of the bell as a sharp angle will cause you to have wrist problems. Material – Cast iron is the best material for a kettlebell to be constructed out of, so avoid a cheap vinyl kettlebell.

Best Kettlebells anatomy





History of Best Kettlebells

‘The Kettlebell has been for years a very important factor in developing strength, yet the modern weight-lifter rarely, if ever, uses it… I find the Kettlebell one of the most useful and fascinating of training apparatus. There are so many apparently simple exercises and lifts one can perform… Possibly another reason so few weight-lifters use the Kettlebell is that they can only press about two thirds as much with this form of a weight than they can with a barbell. However, those that do use the Kettlebell will be more than repaid in development and strength.’

(Sigmund Klein, 1932)


1704 – kettlebell appeared in the Russian dictionary (Cherkikh, 1994)

1900’s – Russian circus events and performers such as Louis Cyr using weighted devices

1913 – Russian magazine Hercules reported, “Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics.”

1948 – Kettlebell lifting became Russia’s national sport consisting of 3 events: the jerk, the clean and jerk and the snatch

1960 – Russian and Olympic weightlifter, Yuri Vlasov, a dedicated kettlebell lifter, won the gold medal and was proclaimed the best sportsmen of the Rome Olympics and the strongest man on the planet

1962 – first kettlebell competition rules were developed and in the 1970s – kettlebells used as part of United All-State Sports Association of USSR

1985 – first Kettlebell National Championship of USSR held in Lipetsk, Russia

1998 – Pavel Tsatouline, a former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor, introduced and popularised kettlebell training in the USA



Best Kettlebells Training objectives

 Best kettlebells Exercise order

Typically kettlebell exercises are ordered according to the following principles:

1.Complex movements earlier.

2. Larger muscles groups earlier.

3.Balanced muscle group selection.

4. Smaller muscles (fixators/synergists) later.

Best kettlebells Videos of exercises

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