Best Inversion Tables For Helping Back Pain Relief 2020

Inversion tables are specifically and professionally designed to give relief of any pressure that compresses with time around the back. The theory around inversion tables is that when hanging upside down or at an angle where the head is in a lower position than the feet, the spine is decompressed which in turn ends up relieving the pressure as well as the pain on the back. Inversion tables are one of many aids to help with lower back pain.
The use of inversion tables is not advisable for people who suffer from hypertension, heart disease, glaucoma or even heart disease. People with health problems are advised to consult their doctors before they start using the inversion table. According to the Natural Arthritis Relief website, it is possible for an inverted table to relief one of general back pain because it can provide full-spine traction.
It also reverses the gravity that compresses the spine and causes the pinched nerves. When one does an upside down turn, it is synonymous to spinal traction because the body is used to stretch the spine and therefore, being in a position to reduce pressure in the spinal discs.
Inverted tables are also able to provide the user with joint pressure relief. The inversion process helps in elongating and stretching the muscles which in turn provides pain relief. When it comes to the body flushing out the waste in the lymph system, the inversion table also plays a tremendous role in offering relief. Because in many instances the lymphatic system has waste that travels in the same direction, when one hangs upside down, it clears all the lactic fluid and other waste and in the process, stops the pain.
The inverted table also helps in blood circulation. Since blood flows in one direction against gravity, the inversion table plays a tremendous role in helping it flow in the opposite direction when one is hanging upside down. The inversion table also helps in one maintaining height because typically, the average person shrinks up to 3/4 inches per day since waking up. When one uses it, it reverses the process by stretching the spine. Below is a review of the ten best inversion tables in the market that can offer the above-mentioned health benefits.


If you’ve ever been to the chiropractor, then you already know how much wear and tear the spine suffers over the course of a normal day. This central supporting structure actually does far more than simply keep you upright. It’s also how important messages are transferred back and forth between your nerves and your brain.

Best Inversion Tables

Decompress The Spine For Fast, Natural Pain Relief

When spinal tension and pressure build or when the vertebrae aren’t properly aligned, all kinds of problems can occur. Inversion tables instantly alleviate spinal pressure and stress. They place you in a position in which your head is lower than your feet, which allows for spinal decompression. This in turn promotes pain relief at the lower, mid and upper back, at the neck and across the shoulders. Inversion tables can also correct and prevent a host of functional issues. Following are the top 10 inversion tables to look for.

Exerpeutic Inversion Table


Covered in thick, comfortable foam, the Exerpeutic Inversion Table has less features and functions than many of its counterparts, but its incredibly lightweight and simple design will definitely get the job done. This unit can hold up to 300 pounds and it can accommodate users of up to 6’6″ tall. The full-loop safety bars on the Exerpeutic are extra long and there’s an additional tethering strap for increased security. Best of all, with its easy, pull-pin release, this table can achieve a 180 degree vertical position.


Wakrays Gravity Inversion Table


Durable, comfortable and safe, this lightweight and relatively low-cost inversion table are perfect for people who are trying inversion equipment out for the first time. With padded ankle supports, a padded, leather backrest and easy rotation, the Wakrays Gravity inversion table was built for user comfort and ease. Capable of inverting to 150 degrees while holding up to 350 pounds, it has one of the highest weight limits among inversion tables in its class.



Ironman Gravity 1000


This lightweight and easy-to-assemble inversion table is designed to stimulate circulation and reduce back stress. Capable of supporting up to 300 pounds, the Ironman Gravity 100 inverts to a full 180 degrees. It’s also compact enough for discreet storage in a small condo or apartment. Featuring a durable, nylon backrest and a rugged, steel frame, this model can be easily folded for storage and weighs just 46 pounds.



Emer Foldable Inversion Table


Prized for its highly compact storage size, the Emer Foldable inversion table is streamlined to support both exercise and various therapeutic applications. This is the table that you want if your goal is building a stronger back and abs while actively preventing injuries or expediting the natural healing process.

The Emer Foldable table can support up to 330 pounds in weight and can accommodate users from 4’10” in height all the way up to users who measure 6’6″. Best of all, the backrest is made from contoured mesh for increased breathability, and soft touch handlebars and thick foam rollers make getting fully inverted both comfortable and easy.


Innova ITX9600


This deluxe, heavy-duty inversion table is one of the most affordable options out there. It comes with the True Balance system that makes full inversion easy and supports up to 300 pounds. The Innova ITX9600 also comes with a padded backrest for extra comfort, an ergonomic ankle restraint and an adjustable headrest. Users will also love the simple yet secure, 5-position safety pin that can be adjusted for safer inverting and easy positioning.


Alpine Pro Deluxe


Designed with both therapy and fitness in mind, the Alpine Pro Deluxe Inversion Tables offers a broad range of features and functions for accommodating many different health and fitness goals. This sleek, red and black inversion table is designed to fight compression and fatigue and yet it also increases flexibility across the entire body.

Users with spinal issues affecting the waist and overall waist mobility can take advantage of the handy, in-built E-brake.




Power Tower: The Conquer 6-in-1 Inversion Table


The Conquer 6-in-1 Inversion table is called the Power Tower for a reason. With this table, you’ll get six distinctive functions in an efficient, space-saving tower that can be dropped down for easy inversion. There are five exercise options for building flexibility, strength and balance along with foam rollers and padded handles for increased comfort.

Perfect for dips, chin-ups and raises, this unit is ideal for consumers who are building their own home gyms and who want their home gyms to have therapeutic components. This unit can hold up to 220 pounds and can be easily folded for storage.


Innova ITM4800 – Featuring Heat And Massage Capabilities


The Innova ITM4800 Inversion Tables is a standout among the inversion tables in its class due to the addition of advanced massage and heat capabilities. Designed largely for the purpose of pain relief, this unit is an excellent addition to a person’s pain management plan following an impact-injury, joint dysfunction injury or a sports injury.

Featuring a comfortable lumbar pad for enhanced support, the Innova ITM4800 has multi-mode settings for its massage function along with both manual and auto selection. It also provides isolated heat just at the base of the spine via the adjustable lumbar pad.


Ironman Gravity 5000

The Ironman Gravity 5000 is an inversion table that’s just as suitable for use outdoors as it is in. Its tubular, steel frame can support up to 320 pounds, which makes it tougher and more durable than many of its counterparts. This model comes with stainless steel hardware that’s rust-proof and ergonomic ankle cushions that have been strategically molded to supply a secure and comfortable grip.



Teeter EP-560 Ltd.


The limited version of the Teeter EP-560 comes with its own comprehensive, back pain relief kit. While the Teeter EP-560 is an impressive model all on its own, the addition of this back pain relief kits makes it ideal for people who are actively looking for resources and equipment to round out or diversify their natural pain management plans.

This model provides superior comfort during inversion through its patented, pressure-reducing system for securing the ankles. It also comes with a comfortrak and lumbar bed that flexes right along with the user, bonus bridge accessories and bonus acupressure nodes.



The Teeter EP-560


The Teeter EP-560 is a well known and effective FDA Class 1 medical device that is specifically designed to offer spine decompression, alleviating back pain, muscle tension alleviation, Sciatica alleviation, easing the tight muscles, easing muscle spasm and much more. The table is certified when matters related to safety are concerned and can outperform quite some other competing brands.

It has patented features like the auto-locking hinges, specialized pivot bearings, heat treated steel parts as well as cam locks. The table also comes accompanied by wrap-around ankle cups so that it can provide the much-needed ankle support. It is very comfortable and maximizes stretching while coming accompanied by a smooth surface as well as a countered shape.

The XPH Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table Inversion Table

This Inversion Tables is in a position to provide up to five positions that are adjustable for maximum stretch. It also has dual safety locks that give the user the ability to make adjustments to avoid shaking while in use. Another good thing about it is the fact that it has height adjustment that ranges from 5 feet 5 inches to 7 feet 7 inches and therefore, being very accommodating for different people of different heights.

It has a heavy duty steel tube frame that comes accompanied by a back-rest that is made of memory foam. The floor stabilizers are also made of tough rubber and can invert up to 180 degrees to give the user maximum stretch. When one buys the XPH Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table Inversion Table, it comes accompanied by the hardware list, all assembly instructions, usage guidelines as well as all safety instructions. The assembling is easy and does not take more than half an hour.

The Exerpeutic Inversion Table with a Comfort Foam Backrest

This Inversion Tables is professionally built with a very strong frame that also comes accompanied by a scratch-resistant finish that is powder coated. The backrest is made of vinyl so that when in inversion mode, the user can feel comfortable. It also has long safety handles that provide the user with an easy return to the upright position.

It’s weight capacity is 330 lbs and height is adjustable from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 feet 6 inches. It has heavy-duty 1.5-inch square steel frames that can prevent any instability when in use. When matters related to comfort are concerned, it comes accompanied by a 7.5-inch soft foam as well as ankle cushions. It also has handlebars that are covered in full loop foam to ensure that the user returns to the upright position as easily and comfortably as possible.

The Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table



This inversion table is sturdy and comfortable. It is made up of steel tubing that is heavy gauge, and that boasts weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. Also it has long and wide back support that is also fully padded so that it can offer maximum comfort and support.

This inversion table has a unique 5-position inversion pin that has successfully replaced style straps and therefore, being in a position to make different variations of inversion possible and simple. The table also comes accompanied by thick foam rollers as well as handlebars that have thick foam that is very useful when one wants to invert easily and return to upright position. The best thing with the frame design is the fact that it can be easily folded for storage. It accommodates height variances of between 4 feet-10 inches and 6 feet-6 inches.

The Fitness Reality 690XL Inversion Table


The company that manufactures this table believes in fitness reality and real people getting real fitness results. The table has a frame made of stainless steel that is also coated with very good resistant powder coated finish. When matters related to comfort are concerned, it has a backrest that is made of foam that is coated with vinyl. It also has extra-long handles that make it very easy for the user to invert and safely return to the upright position with ease.

When it comes to weight, this table can accommodate up to 300 lbs. It accommodates users who are between 4 feet 10 inches and 6 feet 6 inches. It has ankle holders that are made from a variety of foam rollers to maximize on comfort and security when the user is inverting. The inversion range in this table goes up to 180 degrees. It also has a removable lumbar pillow for the best back support. It can be easily folded for easy storage.

The Ironman IFT 4000 Inversion Table With Infrared


This inversion table is a step ahead of the competition when matters related to the use of technology are concerned. It comes accompanied by an advanced FIR heat technology that sees to it that when the user is inverting, their back is soothed. It also has wide and long safety handles that ensure that the user returns safely to the upright position.

It’s ankle holders are also ergonomically molded so that they can easily provide security and comfort. The inverting handle grips help the users invert and exercise more comfortably. The table is designed to provide maximum back soothing that provides temporary relief from minor muscle spasms.

The Health Gear ITM4.5 Adjustable Heat & Massage Inversion Table


This inversion table brand is among the leading brands in the market currently. Unlike many different models in the market, it has all it’s units tested to make sure that they attain the UL 50 safety as well as performance standards. The table makes sure that it addresses back pain in two ways that are significant; having the table designed with comfortable thick and wide upholstery around the headrest as well as the removable heat and lumbar massage pad that plays a very instrumental role in releasing stress and tension.

These specific inversion Tables combines benefits that come accompanied by inversion as well as heated soothing treatment. It has an extra wide upholstered backrest that has an adjustable lumbar support as well as a comfortable pillow. It has a 300 lb capacity and is in a position to accommodate users that range from 4 feet 10 inches to 6 foot 5 inches.

The Emer Gravity Fitness Therapy Inversion Table


This inversion table comes accompanied by a deluxe leather backrest. It offers an ideal way to relax, improve posture as well as blood circulation. The table consists of a high-quality backrest that not only offers maximum lumbar support but comfort as well. It’s frame is made up of tubular steel that is heavy duty.

It also has comfortable leg rollers as well as extra long handlebars. Height is adjustable to accommodate people with different height variances of between 4 feet 10 inches tall and 6 feet 6 inches tall. It provides exercise and fun to the whole family because it can accommodate up to 330 lbs weight. It is also easily assembled and dismantled therefore being very efficient when matters related to portability are concerned.

The BetterBack Deluxe Inversion Table for Traction and Back Pain Relief



This Inversion Tables allows the user to comfortably stay in the upside down position and in the process, relieve back pain. It creates a natural traction that goes a long way in decreasing pressure along the spinal discs. It has a frame that is made up of a strong frame that can accommodate up to 300 lbs. When matters related to safety are concerned, it can protect the user because it has tethering strap limits that help when one is rotating upright.

It is also relatively not hard to use and has an ankle or foot locking mechanism that simplifies the whole exercise.Also, It is easy to assemble and can also be used for other fitness exercises such as sit ups. You can accommodate users who are up to 5 feet 5 inches tall.

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