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Convert Your Garage Into Your Home Gym

Home Gym review.We have now become more conscious of how much we don’t move and how busy our lives are. That we are having to book in time to move. In the last 10 year more gyms and fitness clubs have been popping up like food trucks all around the country.

The time we have available to us for a workout has become limited. Especially if you have a 9-5 Job. So the morning and the evenings are the only time you have to get your training in. You can have the best program. But when you get to the gym the number of people there can make it so hard to follow your program. So you only end up completing half of it.

Today more and more people are building there own home gym. To make sure they complete there training and maintain their own personal health.

Planning and Preparing your home gym development

Things to consider

Are you looking to use it all year? Air con for the summer and heating for the winter. Flooring to handle the load of the equipment and weights. In this article I am going to give you a few way to do it. Also for each of the home gyms I have linked the pages with the different bit of equipment on. To help with your planning.


Converting your garage isn’t always as easy as you might think it is. But it is possible with the options below. The Insulation for different season can be challenging. Having a big garage door can be a plus in the summer but a pain in the winter. A easy solution for the winter is to use a simple strong wooden curtain rail which can be taken down in the summer. During the winter the door will have to stay shut but the curtain will block the draft coming through and you will be able to train all year around.

When choose the equipment I would recommend seeing a CHEK Practitioner  who can help you with your goal setting. Which will then help with the selection of equipment to kit your home gym out. Please click on the link and it will take you to the directory of trainers around the world.

On average there is a new gym or fitness club opening every 30 mins. They have become like restaurants. One in every zip code.   
 The systems are almost always the same. Monthly fee Program design and off you go to achieve your dream in 8 weeks. When you have a home gym planning and fitting it into your lifestyle is so much easier.

Space Efficiency

This is key to achieving your goal. Working with a CHEK Practitioner. They will show you how to maximus space and how to use bit of equipment like a TRX and Total Gym. Along with online support if you need it using PTenhance  Obviously, efficient storage and layout options are a must when converting a confined space like the garage. You’ll want to maximize in Converting Your Garage Into Your home Gym.

Flooring for a home gym

A garage gym conversion wouldn’t be complete without upgrading your cold, barren concrete floor. There is any number of Epoxy and Urethane coatings you can choose from to seal your floor, not to mention rubberized exercise mats to keep your equipment from damaging your newly treated floor.

That is what you walk on after all, so treating the floor properly will help prevent slips or trips. If you spill some of your sports drink, it’ll be a quick wipe down, and you’re back to making lunges in no time.

In Conclusion

With the right planning and support you will be able to build a home gym which will stand the test of time and help you maintain your health and wellbeing.

Below are a number of possible home gyms with link to the relevant equipment guides to help with your choose.


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Dumbbell equipment


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