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Best fitness memes. When you need a little motivation to give you a little lift and drive toward your dream of becoming the best version of yourself. Here are a few fitness memes and YouTube motivation clip. To make you smile and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.




Best fitness memes


Best fitness memes:That last squat rep got me like…

Best fitness memes:When you coach asks how you’re feeling during the workout


Best fitness memes:When girls see you after you get ripped



Best fitness memes: Dear Abs, I will find you and I will reveal you


Best Fitness memes: The look you have when you hit the gym in your new outfit


Best fitness memes:On Friday we flex. It’s kind of a big deal


Best fitness memes: My face when someone says the don’t go to the gym

Best fitness memes: Leg day… got me walking like Woody



Best Fitness memes:Who is the Crossfit king


Best fitness memes: Rocky “how many press-ups can you do”


Chuck Norris” All of them”


Best fitness memes:Squats after Mexican lunch? I too like to live dangerously

Best fitness memes: What I think I look like when I am running.
What is actual look like lol

Best fitness memes:My Quads are on fire

Best fitness memes:I want a hot body but I also want tacos

Best fitness memes: My face when someone asks “what do you do for fun?

Best fitness memes:when you take your pre workout at the office.Five mins before the boss asks you                                to stay late

Best fitness memes: But mom he’s cute can we keep him? Can we?


Best fitness memes: My Face outside any restaurant…..After I workout


Best Squat Memes fitness memes

Did you do your squats today?

Are you saying you don’t Squat?

What if I told you squatting doesn’t hurt your knees. How you squat hurts your                                              knees

SQUATS? You mean push the earth down with my legs

Motivation funny

You need motivation? Is right behind                     you!Keep moving forward

My Face when people tell me


I cant do it

Yet, sometimes, the odds are really


not in your favour

Determination Anything is possible if you have the intelligence and willpower to make it happen!

Who’s Awesome



Nutrition Quotes

I never step on the scales because the scales don’t measure SEXY


All I think about is FOOD


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Inspired YouTube

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Best 10 Action Steps to Getting Motivated

As one of the most popular sites on the internet, Reddit has millions of users making posts and writing comments each day. This massive collection of human knowledge and belief can take a while to sift through, but it definitely contains some helpful information. One of the most positive areas of Reddit is their “Get Motivated” subreddit.

This contains all sorts of helpful advice about how you can stop wasting time and get motivated to achieve your goals and desires. Instead of having to browse through the Get Motivated part of Reddit for hours, you can simply read this article. It distils all the wisdom from Reddit into 10 clear action steps that will get you started along the path to motivation.

Best Step 1: Realize You Have a Motivation Problem

The first step on the road to positive motivation is taking a good hard look at yourself. Instead of ignoring your lack of positive motivation, you need to honestly accept that you are stagnating. This can be tough and unpleasant, but it is necessary to recognize.

A lack of motivation often presents itself as ignoring responsibilities or not trying to make positive changes because you are busy doing essentially nothing. Once you realize you have a problem, you can begin to work towards having a more motivational belief.

Best Step 2: Think About Your Goals

An important part of motivation is having a positive belief to be motivated about. Common motivation belief options include getting in shape, achieving success at school or work, and building a stronger social circle. Take the time to carefully think about your goals and values. Find positive things to work for that will help you to be the best possible version of yourself.

Once you have a broad goal, try to break it down into small, and easily achievable pieces. These can be simple tasks like “get an A on my next test” or “lose five pounds by the end of the year.” Pick a small goal that you know will be beneficial to your main motivation goal and possible for you to accomplish.

Best Step 3: Create a Schedule or Routine

Many people find that the best way to stay consistently motivated is to create a daily routine or schedule. This can include simple and positive things like cleaning a room, showering, walking to work, or meditating. You want to try to fill your day with positive things that hold a lot of values instead of leaving plenty of time for yourself to lay around feeling bored and unmotivated. Some free time is beneficial, but having a regular routine helps you to stick to achieving your goals even on off days.

Best Step 4: Do Something Every Day

When you are really struggling with motivation, you might find yourself simply laying around all day. When you have already spent hours doing nothing, it is very easy to end up falling into a cycle of feeling like you might as well wait to get motivated until tomorrow. Instead of giving into this sort of belief, you need to push yourself to do something positive every single day.

This does not mean that you should be spending everyday wearing yourself out with tricky tasks. Instead, it simply means that you need to do something that pushes you farther towards your goal. This can mean writing one sentence in an essay, washing one dirty pan, or applying for one job. Just a little bit of positive responsibility can give you the confidence and drive to do further tasks.

Best Step 5: Go Easy on Yourself

It might seem counterintuitive, but being too harsh with yourself can actually be extremely detrimental during your journey to get motivated. Therefore, it is essential to avoid hating yourself for your lack of motivation. If you do not recognize your own self worth, you may feel like you do not need to bother with improving yourself and bettering your circumstances.

Take the time to appreciate your past, present, and future actions and emotions. Motivation is all about feeling positive, so it can be helpful to have a positive belief and outlook. Take the time to thank your past self for choosing a healthy meal, or support your future self by going to bed on time. Practicing self love values instead of values filled with self hatred can help to convince you that you are worth the goals you are trying to achieve.

Best Step 6: Avoid Getting Trapped in Easy Distractions

As more and more studies are finding, the modern environment is incredibly bad for long term focus and motivation. Doing things like clicking various links on Reddit or watching a YouTube compilation cause a quick little burst of dopamine in the brain. It seems so short and simple that you find yourself mindlessly chasing that dopamine burst.

This can end up causing you to waste hours that could be spent on more positive tasks. If you wish to do things like play a match in Rocket League, binge watch something on Netflix, browse Reddit, or scroll through a webcomic, try to set a strict time limit. Tell yourself that you can do the activity for just 15 or 20 minutes, and stop immediately when your time is up, even if you have not completed the activity.

Best Step 7: Take Care of Your Body

Motivation might seem like a mental thing, but the reality is that it also has a physical component. When you are poorly fed and out of shape, your brain cannot function in its most positive condition. Even if your primary motivational goal is not getting in shape, it is a good idea to try to make your diet and exercise habits more positive.

In general, it is best to eat meals based on fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and lean proteins. Snacking on processed junk food and fast food every day can greatly impair your motivational journey. Exercise is another excellent motivational tool. Physical movement helps to flood your body with hormones that decrease stress and increase happiness. Even if your values do not include a ripped six pack, you should at least try to spend 20 minutes weight lifting or running a few times a week.

Best Step 8: Prioritize Sleep

Exhaustion is one of the main enemies of positive motivation. It can be almost impossible to have drive and dedication when you just want to curl up in bed and sleep. Your sleep values should be somewhere between seven to nine hours of sleep each night. It is generally best to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every morning.

If possible, avoid using the phone or computer right before bed because you might end up staying awake on Reddit, Instagram, or Facebook, clicking link after link, instead of sleeping. You can further improve the positive quality of your sleep by avoiding caffeine for six hours before bed, sleeping in a dark room, and only using the bedroom for sleep.

Best Step 9: Find Ways to Get Inspired

In the beginning, it is easy to get motivated. You might imagine attending your wedding in a year and think “I should definitely lose weight for that.” However, as time passes, it is easy to forget about the positive reason you were so inspired to begin your motivational journey.

It is helpful to take the time to remind yourself of the belief and values that got you started in the first place. Consider using an inspirational photo as a phone background, reward yourself with a small treat when you meet a benchmark on the way to your goal, or stop and think about how far you have come since you began.

Best Step 10: Don’t Get Discouraged

The reality of life is that no one can have positive and motivated values every day. No matter how long you have been succeeding in your goals, there will come a day when you wake up and just do not want to do anything. Keep in mind that motivation is a habit you are trying to build, so consistency is more important than perfection. Instead of giving up the second you lose motivation, remember that tomorrow is a new day, and start up again.

Even if you do not give up entirely, it is easy to avoid being motivated about certain values by telling yourself that there is no point in doing them if you cannot do them perfectly. This type of discouragement is more subtle, but it can be just as detrimental to your long term happiness.


 6 Foundational principles to managing stress levels


  1. Thinking state of Happiness. Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  2. Managing the flow of oxygen to the body. This is the number one system to developing mind and body balance.
  3. Fluid balance for lifestyle and performance.
  4. Food balance
  5. Three stages to rest Active passive and complete
  6. Exercise balance


Best ways to lower stress review.If you are to carry out your daily activities efficiently and lead a normal life away from the hospital, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, unlike most human traits, good health isn’t inherent or genetically acquired. You have to cultivate it by adopting a holistic approach in evaluating your daily life.

Nevertheless, the lifestyle evaluation doesn’t just involve checking the calories or sugar in your diet. Rather, it includes all factors that play a role in your general well-being including peace of mind and physical fitness. This article highlights some of the areas of your life you should constantly watch over.

Best ways to lower stress review

Mindfulness-based stress reduction

Stress is an indication of a restless mind, and this isn’t good for your overall health. Given the vital role the brain plays in your life, it is important that you keep its excitement levels constant.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction is a technique used by most people to keep their brain functions and emotional reactions in check to avoid over-excitement and the improper relation between the conscious and sub-conscious parts that results in stress.

Different scholars have come up with various materials, mainly publications, which offer training on how one can use mindfulness technique in controlling brain anxiety and thus, reduce stress. Here are the top five on Amazon.


  1. Full Catastrophe Living


This stress management guidebook forms the backbone of most studies and research into causes of stress and how to control it. This stress management guide was written by Jon Kabat-Zinn, a Massachusetts University medical scholar, and the father of mindfulness-based stress reduction theory makes it a credible and reliable guide for anyone seeking to understand and manage stress.

2.Mindfulness-based stress reduction workbook


This stress management workbook contains a step by step guide that readers are encouraged to follow if they are to ably manage, and reduce stress that has negative impacts on a person’s general performance. The authors of this book believe that by the time you are done reading this guide, you will have mastered the art of identifying the symptoms and causes of stress thus ably controlling it.

3. The relaxation and stress reduction workbook


This stress management guide has been in use for over three decades and is constantly sought after by therapists and their clients as a go-to source of stress management strategies. It outlines a practical step by step guide on how to manage and reduce stress by calming the mind. Its latest version contains even more techniques based on new research results based in the modern day society.

4.The mayo clinic guide to stress-free living


In this book, Amit Sood, a Mayo clinic specialist explores some of the factors that cause anxiety to build-up in the brain that we refer to as stress. He further illustrates common indicators of different levels of stress in individuals before winding up with a revealing process of how to tame this relentlessness and anxiety despite its cause.

V. TranquiliX – 90 Capsules


If you feel like you need an immediate solution to the anxiety and stress buildup that can’t wait for the mastery of the workbook techniques, TranquiliX presents a 100% natural solution. These capsules act as rapid stress and anxiety relievers made from wholly natural products including lavender powder and passion flower, and are aimed at reducing your stress levels fast and enhancing your moods.

Breath right

Breath right review. Apart from the oxygen supply to the body, what other benefits would you attach to breathing? Unknown too many, breathing plays a crucial role in your general health by reducing stress levels, aiding in digestion, improving your workout performance, as well as concentration, all of which lead to an improved lifestyle.
Here are five products available on Amazon that you can use to improve how you breathe.


  1. Breath right with SnoreCare nose vents


If you are to derive all these benefits of breathing right, your nasal system must be able to constantly draw in sufficient volume of air into your lungs. But what happens if they are naturally unable to draw in enough air. You seek assistance, and SnoreCare premium vents present the solution. These are made from medical grade silicon whose sole purpose is to maximize air flow through the nasal passage.

2.II. Respire – Essential breathing oil


Respire essential oil is specifically made to control stuffiness and congestion of the breathing system. It is made up of wholly natural products such as rosemary, cedar wood, lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint, all of which are widely known for their healing properties. The oil is also delivered unfiltered and undiluted. Verified reviewers on Amazon praise its almost immediate healing properties.

3. DoTERRA breathing essential oil

The doTERRA oil is a blend of natural products such as peppermint and lavender used to clear congested airwaves. The oil is typically applied to the chest or the back and is considered a source of good night sleep.

4. Breathing right nasal strips


These strips are gently placed across the nose of a person with a blocked or congested nasal passage and aids in helping them draw in enough air. They are mostly flexible spring-like bands that are drug-free and a good solution to individuals suffering common colds and allergies.

5. Air purifier

The number one cause of colds and nasal congestion is exposure to cold. But is there another way of fighting cold and allergies without opting to medication?

Yes, the Benji Mini USB Ultrasonic Humidifier moisturizes your air before you breathe reducing congestion and allowing a good night sleep.

The quality of air is key to balancing the body. Aiding in improvement in health and performance.


Final Thoughts

As Reddit explains, motivation does not have to be an exhausting and challenging belief. The key is to simply develop a habit and stick to it. Even after quick bursts of motivation fade, you need to continue with the path that you have set out for yourself.

By consistently making wiser choices and trying to improve your quality of life, you can ensure that your future self-has a better life than you currently do.

Whether you are trying to get motivated to start your own business or go on a backpacking trip, the steps to motivation are essentially the same. All you need to do is have the determination to keep following your plan to get motivated once the initial burst of excitement fades.