Best Climbing Pants For Outdoor Health and Wellness Performance 2020

Best Climbing Pants For Outdoor Health and Wellness. There are unique clothing demands if you really want to pursue climbing, especially once the real rock is involved. You’ll need the best pants that are versatile, well-designed, breathable, and mobile. Because of the growing demand for the best climbing pants, this piece of clothing has spun a category of its own, related to other rigorous and health activities such as climbing and camping.

Below are some of rock climbing pants that I’d be happy adding into my wardrobe. Choosing the perfect pair depends on where your climbing destination is and what your needs are. Read on for our best picks in both men and women’s best climbing pants.

Best Climbing Pants for Men

La Sportiva Talus Rock Climbing Pants

The La Sportiva rock climbing pants are not just one good looking pair of pants, they’re also super comfortable and created with the climber in mind. It has numerous functional features, such as a convenient chalk back loop, a functional toothbrush sleeve, a gusseted crotch, and articulated knees.

Being one of the best climbing pants, these are comfortable, breathable, stretchy, and durable, thanks to its string-tie and elasticated waistband. Although, this pair can really be tough on the budget compared to other rock climbing pants in the market.


  • Best for indoor climbing, crag climbing, and bouldering
  • Gusseted crotch and articulated knees
  • Integrated toothbrush pocket
  • 4 pockets
  • Has loop on rear part for chalk-bag
  • Adjustable waist; comfort elastic


  • No ankle cinch
  • Expensive


Arcteryx Gamma Rock Climbing Pants

So this one’s a little heavy, but the Gamma Rock Climbing Pants by Arceryx is something you have very little to complain about. They’re durable, breathable, warm, flexible, and water resistant, plus it has the best, convenient features perfect for your next health and wellness activity.

It’s one of the best climbing pants because of its important features, including articulated knees, numerous pockets, a gusseted inseam, four-way stretch, and integrated belt, and a built-in chalk bag loop. But these features come at a price, and it’s not that friendly.

A pair of Gammas could cost at least two other rock climbing pants. So yes, it’s one great pair and the best climbing pants, but if you’re on a tight budget, you may opt for other options.


  • Built-in chalk bag loop
  • Water resistant
  • Integrated belt
  • Gusseted crotch
  • Warm and flexible
  • Best for trad and alpine climbing


  • Quite heavy
  • Pricey


Prana Stretch Zion Best Climbing Pants

The Prana Zion is one attractive pair of pants, but that’s not all; it’s also functional as it is well-made. It’s easily one of the best climbing pants for your rock related activities, be it alpine climbing, trad climbing, gym climbing, sport climbing, bouldering. You can even wear these for your post-climbing activities.

These rock climbing pants are made with quick-drying materials, are resistant to abrasions, and incredibly stretchy. They’re also water-proof! What’s more, this pair is not too expensive but you get the best of its breathability features and will keep you warm.

The Zion has five mesh pockets, a built-in waist belt, a ventilated inseam gusset, and roll up leg snaps for more versatility and ventilation. It’s safe to say that the Zion is one of the best rock climbing pants there is.


  • Ventilated inseam gusset
  • Abrasion-resistant and quick-drying
  • DWR finish
  • Built-in waist belt
  • Affordable for its well-rounded features
  • Stretchy and breathable
  • Durable and best for bouldering, gym climbing, and sport climbing


  • Nothing negative to say here…


Ucraft Xlite Rock Climbing Pants

If your climbing in an area where warm weathers are frequent, you’ll love the Ucraft Xlite for its super stretchy and super light features at such an affordable price. It’s not the most durable of pants, but they’re high performing and has amazing features to boot.

The Xlite is made with breathable materials, has a handy side pocket, articulated knees, and a stretchy waistband. For added practicality, it has a toothbrush sleeve and a chalk bag loop. Its ankle drawstrings allow you to transform it into shorts or three-quarter length pants if it gets too hot.


  • Lower priced rock climbing pants
  • Breathable
  • Very stretchy
  • Integrated toothbrush sleeve and chalk bag loop
  • Gusseted crotch


  • Not the best durable plants
  • Not to be used in alpine climbs


Best Climbing Pants for Women

Columbia Saturday Trail II Convertible Pant

What’s great about the Columbia rock climbing pants is that it’s for all around use. When your climbing, wear it full length, but if you want to go on a hike with your health and fitness buds, it transforms into hiking shorts. The bottom hem of these pants has a drawcord so your pants stay in place.

Regardless of the weather, these pants dry quickly and can be washed by using water alone. These pants are available in muted colors, but there’s seven of them so you get to have fun choosing.


  • Deep pockets
  • Can be worn as pants or shorts
  • Materials include SPF protections


  • Not too breathable
  • Tight around the thighs for bigger climbers


Jack Wolfskin Activate Pants

For tough climbs, the Jack Wolfskin Activate Pants will not fail in giving you comfort and will stay in place. What makes this pants the best from all the other pants on here is the slightly raised waistband in the back, which eliminates slips while climbing.

Easily one of the best climbing pants, all three pockets have zippers that can store your valuables such as keys or your phone. Its softshell fabric provides comfort and breathability, and will still dry if you get it wet.


  • Zippered pockets
  • Slightly raised waistband
  • Wind- and water-resistant material


  • Zippered pockets are quite thin
  • Not the best value


Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants

Climbers who want their pants loose will love the outdoor research rock climbing pants’ relaxed fit. The ankle has a drawcord so you can adjust the width and length to make it snugger. These pants are made from a durable and tough ripstop material that protects you from harsh winds without the added weight. A drawback to these pants is that it’s not very breathable, but the cut of the legs is relaxed enough so that air flows around your legs.


  • 5 pockets
  • Wind-resistant and lightweight material
  • Relaxed fit


  • Sizing runs long
  • Not very breathable fabric


Prana Halle Pants

For those who want the best climbing pants but don’t actually look like you’re about to undertake a huge climb, this Halle pants from Prana delivers it. With a sweater or a dress shirt on, you won’t even think they’re pants you can use in rigorous health activities like climbing or hiking. This is one of the best climbing pants that have all the features you will love in rock climbing pants: the option to roll up the legs, hidden zipper pocket, reinforced knees, and the best water-resistant fabric.


  • Hidden zipper pocket
  • Water resistant and durable
  • Can be worn on many occasions


  • Special sizing, making it quite tricky to order online
  • Not very breathable


How to Choose the Best Climbing Pants for Health and Wellness


Climbing requires acrobatic motions like placing your foot near your hips, so your pants best be stretchable especially on the knee area. Ideally, rock climbing pants should have a Lycra material in them to prevent your movement from being thwarted.


Some climbers want their pants heavy and thick, while others want theirs light and thin. To know which one to choose, you should be able to identify your goals. For newbies, having that extra weight can become unnoticeable, but it’s still a good idea to choose the material of your pants.

Thick pants will definitely last longer and will give you more warmth if you’re up for some alpine climbs. Additionally, they’re best worn in climbs wherein you have to squeeze yourself or wedge yourself inside a wide crack and worm your way up. If you use thin pants in an off-width, you’ll end up getting holes in them for sure.

As for thin pants, they’re best worn in humid and warmer climates. They’re also recommended when you have to climb at your limit since the weight of your pants is a factor whether you can make it on top or not.


Climbing has several disciples, so your pants should be able to keep up. At some point, you’ll have to decide the material of your pants to make sure that it provides with enough comfort and warmth. If you’re set for an alpine climb, soft shell pants should be worn. They are quick drying, water repellent, and will keep you warm.

Get the Best Climbing Pants

When choosing the best climbing pants for health and wellness, you should consider the fit and the aspect of comfort. Dressy pants have their uses, but your fashion choices should be the last thing in mind when it comes to your buying decision.

What’s important here is the comfort. A great pair of rock climbing pants should not get in the way of the trickiest of movements and will help you stay comfortable regardless of the circumstance or the positions you’ll have to undertake.

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