Best Cable Crossover Machines

Best Cable Crossover machines for a home gym

Best cable crossover machines review. The cable crossover machine is my favorite piece of equipment to use for functional training and all round strength and hypertrophy training. The functional range of exercise you can do with this kit is amazing. Depending on the size of your home gym. There is a big range. For smaller gyms, you can also get a single stack cable machine. We have a few on another page on this site called the best lat pulldown machines for back strength. On this page, we also have some standing pull downs which will give you an opportunity to do a full range of functional exercises. At the end of this post is a link to our exercise library. Which has a range of exercise on the cable crossover machine and cable machines.




  1. PowerLine PCCO90X Cable Crossover
  2. Caribou III Home Gym & Smith Machine
  3. XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine
  4. Body-Solid Functional Cable Cross Training Center
  5. Body Solid Dual Cable Column
  6. Body-Solid DELUXE CABLE CROSSOVER GDCC250 Functional Trainer Home Gym with 310lb. Black Stacks


PowerLine PCCO90X Cable Crossover


  • Crossover machine offers total body conditioning with a 180 degree range of motion
  • Includes two cable handles and one ankle strap; chin-up handles, weight plates, and collars sold separately
  • Large diameter, high-resin top and bottom pulleys
  • Professional carriage system travels on patented nylon bushings
  • 10 Year frame warranty, one-year warranty covers all other parts



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Caribou III Home Gym & Smith Machine


  • Perform Dips!
  • Perform Preacher Curls!
  • Perform Pec Deck
  • Perform Cable Crossover
  • Perform Smith Machine and Free Weight Exercises


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XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine



  • Hands down the XM-7626 is the most versatile piece of equipment for your family’s home gym. Easily adjusts for anyone in your household, whether young or old, short or tall.
  • Your training possibilities are unlimited with the dual 200 lb. weight stacks, quick adjust pulleys with 19 settings spaced at 3.5″ each and easily interchangeable accessories.
  • The heavy duty 11-gauge 2″ x 3″ steel mainframe construction ensure the XM-7626 is solidly built, while the commercial grade pull up rig and pulley system are extremely smooth.
  • The XM-7626 provides true isolateral-based movements, allowing users a variety of options for muscle targeting and isolation. Also perform pull-ups and chin-ups on the split grip pull-up bar.


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Body-Solid Functional Cable Cross Training Center

  • Two 160 lb. premium red weight stacks (weight ratio is 1/2 : 1)
  • Vertical carriage system features fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys and locking, universal attachment connections
  • Precision-fitted frame components constructed from commercial grade 11-gauge, 2″ x 4″ oval tubing with an electrostatically applied powder coat finish.
  • Dual position pull-up bar
  • Dimensions: L 72.5″ (1843mm) X D 42.3″ (1074mm) X 83.8″ (2128mm)

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Body Solid Dual Cable Column


  • 18 incremental adjustments for multiple positioning
  • User-friendly one handed adjustments on vertical pulley system for quick workouts
  • Pivoting quad pulley design allows full range of motion
  • Dimensions: 39″L x 46″W x 83″H
  • includes 210 lb. weight stack


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Body-Solid DELUXE CABLE CROSSOVER GDCC250 Functional Trainer Home Gym with 310lb. Black Stacks

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Cable machines V free weights

When ever we looking at training. We are always looking to create overload on the body. To help with development and progression. Avoid reversibility and aid the adaptation to the body. When we looking at hypertrophy, the increase in size of a muscle. The key point to development is to isolate the muscle to increase the development on that one area. For this to happen and to aid growth. The muscle is worked and fatigued using moderate load and little rest time. Working between 8-12 repetitions 2-0-4 tempo for each repetition. Which is 80% to 67% of your 1 repetition max(100) resting between 30 to 90 sec.

When we look at strength. Which is the ability to move a maximum load for one repetition. Working up to 5 repetition develops the strength window. Using a repetition range of 4-6 repetition and resting from 2-5 mins. Rest is longer. Strength is very nervous system driven. So more rest is need to aid development.

For both of these activities the cable machines and free weights have a great place. The major differences between the two are.

Cable machine


There is consent tension through the whole movement. The cable is contently pulling at the beginning of the exercise and at the end.

When using free weights there is a rest point at the beginning and the end of the exercise.

So for hypertrophy and strength gain you can progress quickly using free weights.


Free weights aid with working on the stability muscle more cable machines. For strength gains to carry over to life and sport the stabilizers muscles are key.

Free Weights


Aids development of stability muscle which is key for develop strength and carry over to life.



Develop hypertrophy can be slower due to the rest point with free weights compared to the consent tension from cable machines.


Cable cross over machine exercises

Cable chest flys


Cable Chest Press

Cable Crossover


Cable push exercise

Cable pull exercise

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