Best Bench Press machine for a home gym 2020

The bench press machine probably the most used machine in the gym. In this review, we aim to give you the best bench press machines for a home gym. The Bench Press machine.One of the most popular chest press machines in the gym. The aim of the bench press is to isolate the push pattern movement. Helping develop muscles in the chest and arms. Developing the strength to aid in powerlifting performance.

Bench press machine

Marcy Olympic Weight Bench machine for Full-Body Workout MD-857

  • The chest press machine has Independent, height adjustable crutches are easily adjusted with quick release pop pin knobs
  • Decline, flat, incline, and military press positions meet all of your workout needs
  • This weight bench set has dual action leg developer with pivot point properly aligns with knee joints for improved performance
  • This chest press machine has High density boxed upholstery is durable and comfortable


Deluxe Weight Bench Press machine 100lbs Weight Set Bar Perfect for Home Gym Workouts

  • This weight bench with weights includes a 100 lb vinyl weight set that contains two 10 lb weights, four 20 lb weights, 2 spring collars, and 1 steel bar
  • This weight bench set will help build and develop your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hip-flexors with the 4-roll leg developer
  • This chest press machine has a backrest made of plywood and features an adjustable multi-position back pad for chest press and incline chest press exercises
  • Constructed with steel tubing, foam rollers, comfortable high-density seat and back pad
  • This chest press machine is Perfect for home use


Goplus Standard Weight Lifting Bench Press machine

  • Adjustable Height- This weightlifting bench offers 3 levels height to ensure you get the all-around various upper and lower body workouts. With this adjustable design, it is also safe to prevent injury to hand and grip.
  • This weight bench set is easy to Assemble and Use- Clear and brief instruction make it much easier to assemble. And there is no need for professional when you exercise, very easy to use. It is not only suitable for gym, but also can be used at home, office.
  • This chest press machine 4 Weights Included- This weight bench with weights has 2x 8 kg weights and 2x10kg weights can exercise your abs and legs more efficiently. It performs well for bench presses, incline presses, leg extension and more. It will be a good trainer for you to exercise effectively within a short time.


FDW Adjustable weight lifting multi-function bench fitness exercise strength workout

  • This chest press machine has adjustable Back Pad: The weight Bench has a multi-position back pad that can be altered to suit your workout routine. It features independent, adjustable-height crutches to help you find your ideal position. Perform many different training exercises with the bench’s various configurations, such as chest, decline, military, and incline lifting positions.
  • This weight bench set has Multi-Functional Leg Training: This bench has a dual-action leg developer to boost your lower body. It also comes with padded foam rollers for maximum comfort on your ankles and knees.
  • Comfortable And SoftPads: This device has comfortable foam roller pads to provide comfort leg extension workouts. It has a high-density upholstery for an enjoyable strength-training experience, so you can workout while minimizing fatigue and physical exertion.


Costway Multi-Function Weight Lifting Flat Bench Fitness Workout Sit Up Board Home Exercise Gym

  • Pad Thickness: 2.5’’, Unit Weight: 87bs
  • Weight Capacity Of Each Rack: 330 Lbs
  • Weight Capacity Of Bench: 242lbs
  • Overall Dimension: 56″ X 47″ X 51″ (L X W X H)
  • Package Include: 1 X Weight Bench (Need Assembled), 1 X Instruction


Decline Bench Press

  • Premium Upholstery – This utility bench is made from premium quality materials. High density, tapered, dual-layer pad for extra comfort
  • This weight bench set has adjustable Back Pad – The back pad is highly adjustable and can be set to different angles to help perform chest exercises such as incline, military, decline, and flat presses
  • This chest press machine has Built-in Wheel – Wheels in the back help it easier to move around your gym or garage
  • Perfect Equipment – Ideal for doing dumbbell and abdominal exercises in the comfort of your home


Reverse grip bench press

During the regular bench press exercise. A lot of pressure is put on the shoulder girdle and shoulder joint. This exercise switches the focus more onto the shoulder girdle, targeting the pectorals more than the anterior deltoids. An excellent exercise to use during a deload week.

Smith machine bench press

We have a separate page on the use of the smith machine bench press and a range of exercise you can do on the smith machine. The main difference between the smith machine bench press and the standard bench press machine. Is that when using a smith machine you can load more due to the frame assisting with the stability of the shoulder. On the bench press machine, not as much weight can be used due to the equipment of stability is needed for the bar. Super setting the two can develop both strength and muscle size.

Bench press bar

The traditional bar that is used on the bench press is an Olympic bar. The weight of the bar is 20kg (44lbs). We have a page with a whole breakdown on the Olympic bars and plates for your bench press machine.

Powerlifting Vs Bodybuilding

What is powerlifting?

powerlifting is a sport based around 1rm and bodyweight in some events. There are three exercises to powerlifting. Bench press, squat, and deadlift. Powerlifting is sometimes confused with weightlifting. Both are power sports just at different ends of the scale. Powerlifting is strength speed. Maximal load moving over a short distance. Where weightlifting is a moderate load moved over a greater distance using complex moves. These moves range from the clean and jerk to the snatch.

The powerlifting form as you see below is very different from the standard form. This position is to engage the shoulder girdle and tried more. To be able to handle the heavy loads they are trying to achieve.

What is bodybuilding?

The art of bodybuilding is to develop the size of the muscle. Creating muscle fatigue is key to getting a muscle to grow. So the load is moderate and the focus is on volume. To create fatigue in the muscles.

In the video below you see a great breadown between Powerlifting Vs Bodybuilding

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