Welcome to Topfithub.com

Abbey Dubuisson, the Founder of Topfithub combines four different professions to provide a truly comprehensive approach to helping his clients and athletes.

  • CHEK Practitioner
  • Clinical Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach
  • Sports Massage Therapist

Abbey has specialized in injury rehabilitation, weight loss, and sports conditioning since 1998. In addition to his practitioner skills, he is head of training and development for two national training providers in Wellbeing Health and Performance

Abbey has helped many people overcome back, neck, shoulder and knee pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, achieve their ideal weight and has helped athletes both amateur and professional improve performance and win medals and eliminate recurring injuries.

Abbey’s approach has enabled him to help clients with the most difficult conditions to achieve success where other modalities have previously failed.

His experience has shown that the conventional approach to health, disease, exercise, and nutrition don’t always sufficiently satisfy the needs of the general public. Abbey is passionate to help people achieve their goals using a whole body approach over the long term and wishes to educate the public about ‘the truth’ to achieving optimal wellbeing health, vitality and performance.

Topfithub’s Mission

  • To simplify the information out there that is currently available for aspiring home gym owners.

  • To provide  workouts and fitness resources for those that already own a personal home gym